Who is Weston Koury, How Old and How Tall is He? Here are Things You Need To Know

Who is Weston Koury, How Old and How Tall is He? Here are Things You Need To Know

YouNow personality and aspiring celebrity, Weston Koury is one of the social media personalities currently making waves in the entertainment industry. The social media rising star made his debut on YouNow in mid-June 2015 and has gathered over 550,000 fans on the network.

The Internet star has also activated other social media accounts such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. What’s special about Weston is that he didn’t ask a media agency for help, but used the power of the internet to sell his talent to the public.

Who is Weston Koury, How Old is he?

The young entertainer was born on January 7, 2002, in North Carolina. The celebrity, who was born under the zodiac sign Capricorn, has American nationality and is of North American descent. The only information about his family background is that he has an older sister whose name is Kalynn and that both Kalynn and his parents had several appearances on his YouNow channel. Information about his educational background is not yet available to the public.

Who is Weston Koury, How Old and How Tall is He? Here are Things You Need To Know
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The rising star launched his YouNow channel in June 2015, boasting his own YouTube channel called WestonKoury, which he launched on June 10, 2015, and his first video entitled EXTREME WOULD YOU RATHER was uploaded on January 22, 2016. MY FIRST TIME is the most-watched video on his channel and has a record of over 455k views. The young entertainer is also active on other social media channels like Twitter and Instagram. He is also a member of the collaborative YouTube channel Our Journey.

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How Tall is He?

The star rising on the Internet has a slim build with a height of 5 feet 3 inches and a weight of 57 kg, and since he is a teenager, his height is expected to improve in no time. His other physical characteristics include a prominent chin, brown hair, and light brown eyes.

Here are Things You Need To Know about Weston Koury

  • Before Fame

His parents gave him drums at the age of eight after he showed a healthy interest in music. He practiced daily on his drums and sang along and also played some musical instruments like a triangle, accordion, flute, and drums. When he started to perfect his performance, he started to spread some of them on social media. As he got older, he became a well-known year-round competitive swimmer, and according to records, the freestyle was his favorite stroke.

  • Collaboration

The next big name in social media has worked with other social media colleagues in the past, including Mario Selman, Corbyn Besson, and AlexFromTarget.

  • Love Life

The young social media personality is currently single, but he had a girlfriend named Erin Marie Lakis, whom he met online in the summer of 2016. They first met in person at his first meeting and greeting in September 2016, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long, it broke up after a few months.

Who is Weston Koury, How Old and How Tall is He? Here are Things You Need To Know
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  • Favorite Things

Weston Koury has a few favorite things, including beach as his favorite spot, green as his favorite color and his favorite swimming style is freestyle.

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  • Breakthrough

The rising star did not seek the help of any media agency to become popular, he did it on his own and used the power of the Internet. Again, just four months old, he successfully booked his first official Meet&Greet on the YouNow platform in November 2015 with Corbyn Besson and AlexFromTarget in Texas. The budding star is relatively new on YouTube, but he is causing a stir.

  • Salary and Net Worth

As a newcomer to the social media business, the net worth of the rising star will definitely not be much, although it is likely to increase in the near future. At the moment the details are not yet available.

  • Social Media

Weston Koury has gained thousands of fans on the Internet. He became popular with his account in YouNow, where he collected over 159k fans and well over 4 million views. He has also launched an official YouTube channel with over 400 subscribers and on Instagram, he has over a million followers.