Who Is Pupinia Stewart? Her Real Name, Age, Height and Family Facts

Who Is Pupinia Stewart? Her Real Name, Age, Height and Family Facts

As one of the many YouTubers, Pupinia Stewart has gained great popularity with her humorous videos, which are known for dealing with countless topics, especially those related to everyday experiences.

The popular social media star launched her YouTube channel on 10 October 2012, but her first video was released almost two months later, on 8 December.

To date, Stewart’s YouTube channel has attracted more than 100,000 subscribers who mistakenly believe that the videos on their channel are a possible reflection of their true intelligence, and who consequently share the videos on other social media platforms like Facebook for the purpose of ridicule.

The vlogs have earned Pupinia Stewart praise, lukewarm and disapproving recognition. While many call her a comedy genius, she is considered a troll in various circles. For example, screenwriter Max Landis once described Pupinia as a teenage female version of Andy Kaufman; for Max, this YouTuber is deeply gifted in the art of comedy.

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Who Is Pupinia Stewart? Her Real Name and Age

As far as we can tell, the famous YouTuber was born on 16 October 1998 in the United States of America. To this day, Pupinia Stewart’s real name is still shrouded in mystery, as no one seems to have the slightest idea what she was called before she adopted the figure of Pupinia Stewart for her vlogging efforts.

The American-born YouTube sensation came on board when she created her personal YouTube channel on October 10, 2012. According to the reports we have collected, her earliest videos were either privatized or deleted.

Currently, the hilarious social media star is notorious for her satirical videos, which are widely regarded as a perfect example of absurdity. It is known that the intentionally ridiculous videos feature people who seem to be mentally unbalanced and completely uneducated. But if you look at the number of hits and subscriptions generated by the channel, it is clear that people like to watch the videos and are excited by the whole package of silliness.

Who Is Pupinia Stewart? Her Real Name, Age, Height and Family Facts
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While Pupinia Stewart is known for occasionally uploading videos of inferior quality, she also covers songs and makes all kinds of videos. During the 2016 election campaign, she made many videos of President Donald Trump.

Beyond her own channel, Pupinia Stewart is part of the YouTube channel Our Third Life, which is collectively owned by a group of social media stars. The collaborative channel has more videos than Pupinia’s personal channel, but most of the content is thanks to her. In fact, it is common knowledge that Pupinia created Our Third Life; she is considered the unofficial head of the channel by other employees such as Schmitty Winkleson and Steven Skyhard.

Those who are familiar with Our Third Life know that many of the videos that are widely available on the Internet there are considered by many people to be tasteless and unfunny. One of these videos was the one about the President of the United States, entitled Donald Trump is a Bad Boyfriend.

The popular social media star often cries in her videos, the character of Pupinia Stewart is such that she finds petty things offensive and depressing, while serious topics like abortion, rape, terrorism, and suicide do not seem to affect her emotions much.

Pupinia looks deceptively innocent when she is crying over unimportant issues, as in the video titled I SAW A CRIEFER! which attracted more than 13 million viewers when Bryan Silva stole it and shared it on Facebook.

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Height – How Tall Is She?

We can only speculate about this as we have not yet confirmed the height of Pupinia Stewart and the details of her body statistics. The YouTuber is a few inches taller than 5 feet.

Pupinia Stewart’s Family Facts

All the signs indicate that Pupinia has successfully separated her family life from her professional activities. Almost nothing is known about her family, as she was generally silent about her private life.

This YouTube personality has not said anything about her relationship status, nor has she ever spoken about her parents and siblings. Fans have concluded that she is currently single, as she has never been romantically involved with anyone. However, given her efforts to keep her private life private, this may not be the case.