Who Is Dave Salmoni, Is He Married, Who Is His Wife?
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Perhaps driven by his extreme passion for the wild, Dave Salmoni studied zoology in college and also made a fascinating career out of it by founding a production company called Triosphere. Triosphere, based in South Africa, focuses on animal films and documentaries.

On his career path, the Canadian animal trainer has gone to dangerous islands where the most dangerous predators on earth live. Bear Island, Shark Island, and Devil’s Island are just some of the nerve-racking places he has visited and at some point even used himself as bait to entertain his viewers. Just in case it crossed your mind: Yes, Dave Salmoni was attacked by one of the wild animals he loves so much. Bongo, a big cat that the animal lover had trained, turned on him in Ontario in August 1999. He described the attack as unprovoked and unexpected.

Fortunately, Dave’s animal attack was not fatal, and instead of discouraging his interest in the wild, he helped him raise the bar even higher. The attack of the five hundred pounds African male lion prompted Dave to shoot After the Attack, a reality TV series about victims of animal attacks. Apparently, Dave Salmoni’s life sounds like a ball of fun, but there is more to know about the animal trainer.

Who Is Dave Salmoni?

He is a well-known animal trainer and television personality born on September 4, 1975, in Ontario, Canada. His parents’ names are not available, but his mother works as a figure skating trainer, while his father is a chemical engineer. Both parents supported their son’s interest in wildlife taming and accompanied him through Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, where he studied zoology. His diploma thesis dealt with the tracking of the hibernation of black bears in Canada. His days with Laurentian were not only spent reading books, but also studying wildlife chemical immobilization, participating in a project to resettle elk, and contributing to a pig deer counting station for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

His training as an animal trainer began in 1998 at Bowmanville Zoological Park. In 2000, Salmoni moved to South Africa for the Tiger Reconstruction Project, and soon his passion for animals became fame when he began to host animal series such as Living with Tigers, Rogue Nature, Into the Lion’s Den, Animal Face-Off, and others. He is currently the presenter and producer of After the Attack and Into the Pride, which are broadcast on Animal Planet.

In 2014, Dave Salmoni’s stunning short series – Deadly Islands premiered. The series brought a lot of excitement, adventure, and of course danger. As the name suggests, Dave Salmoni subjected himself to life on some of the most remote and dangerous islands in the world. He lived with some deadly predators to understand how they survived the harsh weather and other conditions on the island.

Among the places he has been are Bear Island, Shark Island, and Devil’s Island, all of which posed a great danger to his life. This kind of adventure is usually about two things: Either your body succumbs to the harsh weather in some of these rare places or the wilderness tears you apart. Nonetheless, Dave Salmoni has survived against all odds and still makes us green with envy for his warm relationship with lions, tigers, and other animals we can only dream of caressing.

The animal trainer has appeared on top television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! from 2015 to 2018 and The Wendy Williams Show 2018.

Is He Married, Who Is His Wife?

Dave Salmoni is handsome in all shades and is expected to have had a very busy relationship timeline, but it turns out he is not interested in sharing his personal life the way he shares his heroics in the wild. Bonnie Somerville and comedian Chelsea Handler are the only women who have been publicly associated with him. However, Dave revealed in 2015 that he was engaged and at the same time expecting his first child with a happy woman, but we never heard those wedding bells. The animal trainer welcomed his first child later in August 2015.