Trey Burton Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family

Trey Burton Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family

Remember the tight end whose 1-yard touchdown pass to Nick Foles, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, helped win the 2018 Super Bowl? Well, that remarkable player is none other than Trey Burton. The American footballer plays tight end for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

Trey Burton Bio

The Tight End Bears was born on 29 October 1991 in Venice, Florida, where he attended Venice High School. During his high school career, he was an exceptional quarterback for the Venice Indians, playing as a quarterback for both the junior and senior All-State teams, scoring 76 touchdowns in both years.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the University of Florida on an athletic scholarship. From 2010 to 2013, he played for the Florida Gators football team, scoring six touchdowns in a single game, breaking Tim Tebow’s team record as a rookie. During his college years, Trey played several positions, including wide receiver, tight end, fullback, and quarterback, despite being recruited as a quarterback. However, his ability to play multiple positions would make it difficult for scouts and analysts to place him in a position where he would play professionally.

Trey Burton – Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family
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Throughout his college career, Trey Burton played 50 career games, scoring 720 rushing yards, 976 receiver yards, and a total of 20 touchdowns.

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Professional Career

At the end of his impressive college football career, Trey attended the NFL Combine along with 21 other college tight ends. After the combinator, he also decided to attend Pro Day in Florida in March 2014, where he shortened his time in the short shuttle and three-cone drill while increasing his long and vertical jumps from the combinator. Eventually, the NFL’s Wehrmacht experts and analysts classified him as a candidate for the seventh round or as a priority non-conscript free agent, the latter being the case.

The Philadelphia Eagles signed him as an undrafted free agent on May 10, 2014, following the NFL Draft 2014, for a three-year contract for a signing fee of $1.53 million. He was assigned the number 47 jersey, allowing him to play in both the tight-end and running back positions. He caught nine passes for 100 yards and a touchdown in four pre-season games, whereupon the head coach appointed him the fourth tight end on the Eagles’ deep rankings; the fourth lineup was created for him to avoid the risk of being placed on waivers.

After his selection, he made his NFL debut in the Eagles’ opening game of the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He played primarily in special teams and was appointed to the NFL All-Rookie Team as a special teams player. Although he didn’t catch any passes in his rookie season, he became a bigger part of the team’s offense in the following three years with the Eagles.

Trey secured a place as the third tight end after the 2015 pre-season games, becoming the first Eagles player to score two touchdowns in a single pre-season game since 2012. After scoring his first touchdown in his career in the preseason, Trey went to the receptions where he scored his first and ended 2015 with two catches for 49 yards.

In the 2016 season, his career took on a new shape. With a new coach in the position, Trey was given a bigger role in the offensive. It was there that he received his first touchdown in his career and his first career starts as a long-snapper for his injured teammates. By the end of the season, he had 37 receptions for 327 receiving hotels and a touchdown in four starts and 15 games. In special teams, he played 233 offensive snaps (29%) at career peak level and had both forced fumble and fumble recovery.

Trey Burton was signed by the Eagles in April 2017 after failing to receive a bid in March for the second round of a restricted freelance agent tender. The Eagles’ tight end decided to change his jersey number to 88 in May 2017. He made his second touchdown in his career in October when he beat the Arizona Cardinals 34-7. In his last season with the Eagles, he caught fewer passes (23), but his five goals were a career highlight. Then there was his performance in Super Bowl LII.

During the Super Bowl, the Venice native received a great and well-deserved boost in his career, which brought him to the national front. He became famous by throwing a touchdown pass to Nick Foles, who was only 34 seconds short in the first half. The touchdown pass that helped the Eagles win the Super Bowl 41-33 became known as the Philly Special.

After making a mark in the Eagles’ history that will go down well in their history, Trey moved his tent to a camp near the Chicago Bears on March 14, 2018, where he signed a $32 million four-year contract with them.

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Trey Burton Family

Trey Burton – Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family
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His parents are BJ Burton and Cindy Burton. His father, whom he last saw when he was 13 years old, is a topic in the life of the bears that he does not want to talk about. He has two brothers; Clay Burton, who also played Tight End for the 2012-2014 Gators, and Jake MacFarlane.

Trey’s grandfather, Lawrence Burton Jr. He was an elite wide receiver for Purdue and a former professional American football player who was voted seventh overall in the 1975 NFL draft by the New Orleans Saints. He also held a world record as an Olympic sprinter during the 1992 Summer Olympics, where he finished fourth for the U.S. team in the 200-meter final.

Trey is already a husband and father. In December 2012 he married Yesenia Burton (born April 3, 1992, as Yesenia M. Rivera). He enjoys being the father of his three children, two daughters: Ariella Skye and Kaia Grace, and one son: Jaxon Carter, fulfilling and exceeding his obligations as a parent and doing everything to not be like his estranged father.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

The tight end of the Bears Trey Burton has an impressive athletic physique, which is well proven in his starting position. His height is 6 feet 3 inches tall and has a bodyweight of 235 lbs. Other body statistics include:

Hand size: 9 3/8″

Arm Length: 31″