Elizabeth Taylor Dating Timeline, All The Ex-Husbands And Boyfriends She Dated
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During the era of classic Hollywood cinema, stars like Elizabeth Taylor, known for her role as Cleopatra in the historical epic Cleopatra, were the screen legends. Taylor also evolved with Hollywood into the new age where paparazzi photography was commonplace and she simply continued to be famous because she was famous. Her private life became a public interest and this was the birth of a norm for the celebrities of the later generation.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Marriages

The actress, who is famous for her 8 marriages, actually only had 7 husbands. A list of her husbands and the duration of their marriages can be found below:

1. Conrad ‘Nicky’ Hilton

Taylor first married Conrad Nicky Hilton Jr., who was an heir to the Hilton hotel chain in Beverly Hills. The wedding ceremony, which took place on May 6, 1960, is said to have been very expensive, and the event was the focus of media attention. But in less than a year the marriage broke up when she revealed that her husband was abusive and was granted a divorce in January 1951.

2. Michael Wilding

In second place on the list of husbands is the British actor Michael Wilding, whom she married in 1952, but divorced him five years later in 1957. The reason for their separation and finally their divorce is said to have been Michael’s failed career, and there were also rumors that he kept strippers in her house when Taylor was on film. Taylor had two sons named Michael and Christopher with him.

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3. Michael Todd

In February 1957 Taylor married her third husband, the theater and film producer Mike Todd, and in the same year, he had a daughter named Elizabeth. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 1958, not due to divorce, but as a result of a fatal plane crash on March 22, 1958, which cost Todd his life.

4. Eddie Fisher

The inconsolable Taylor found comfort in the arms of a friend of hers and Todd, the singer Eddie Fisher. Fisher and Taylor began an affair that led to his divorce from his wife, the actress Debbie Reynolds, to marry Taylor in 1959. Taylor later revealed that she married Fisher because she was inconsolable. In 1962 they began to drift apart and in 1964 she was granted a divorce from him.

5. Richard Burton

Among all their husbands, Richard Burton was described as the impetuous lover of Taylor. The couple began an affair on the set of the movie Cleopatra in 1962 when they were both still married to different people. After she got a divorce in 1964 and Burton was also free, the couple married the same year, but the marriage ended 10 years later, in 1974.

6. Richard Burton

If you’re wondering if it’s the same Burton, it is. The couple tried to get back together after what they called reconciliation and even remarried in October 1975 in Kasane, Botswana, but the marriage broke up again in less than a year.

7. John Warner

Taylor married the Republican politician John Warner on 4 December 1976 and she married him on 4 December 1976. Taylor was excited to become the wife of a politician, but after a while, she found it very boring and is said to have suffered from loneliness and depression, which led to her becoming overweight and addicted to prescribed drugs. The couple separated in 1981, and in November 1982 their divorce was finalized.

8. Larry Fortensky

The actress’ last and eighth husband was a construction worker named Larry Fortensky, whom she married in 1991 but divorced in October 1996.

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Taylor’s Other Hookups And Boyfriends

Despite her 8 marriages and 7 husbands, Taylor was also known to have had a long list of other men in her life, beginning in 1948 with Glenn Davies, a football champion with whom she dated for less than a year, followed by William Pawley Jr, the son of the U.S. Ambassador William D. Pawley, with whom she was engaged for only a short time.

After the divorce from John Warner, Taylor dated actor Anthony Geary, and later she became engaged to Mexican lawyer Victor Luna, which lasted only a year – until 1984. The following year, the beautiful actress caught the eye of a New York businessman named Dennis Stein.

According to sources, Elizabeth Taylor had also worked with other men such as Rod Steiger, Colin Farrel, George Hamilton, Robert Wagner, Carl Bernstein, David Bowie, Vic Damone, Henry Wynberg, Frank Sinatra, Robert Stack, Peter O’Toole, Ivan Moffat, Arthur M. Loew Jr. Kevin McClory, Ralph Kiner, Peter Lawford, Stanley Donen, Pat DiCicco, Robert Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Marshall Thompson, Richard Long, Mickey Rooney, and Jason Winters, who was the last man she was with until her death in 2011.