Kristen Hancher Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family Life and Other Facts

Kristen Hancher Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family Life and Other Facts

The only thing that sets her apart is the fact that Kristen Hancher sings or lip-syncs perfectly to various songs and spices things up with her passion for music and her talent as a dancer.

She began by publishing her videos on the live broadcast network YouNow, but later she dropped them for, a decision that seems to have paid off. Subsequently, she finished her show on the platform and concentrated on, which brought her fame. Kristen Hancher is popular in social media as a dancer, fitness enthusiast, singer, and actress. She gets on well with her fans, and this quality has earned her a loyal following of more than 9 million followers on, where she publishes videos of popular music numbers as well as videos of her lip-syncing to some popular songs.

Kristen Hancher – Bio, Age

The social media sensation was born on 17 May 1999 in Canada, where she grew up. Although she is Canadian by nationality, her ethnicity is North American. Their early life history and educational background are not mentioned.

Kristen Hancher – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family Life and Other Facts
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Kristen had a taste of fame during her active days at YouNow before transferring her talent to in 2015 when her popularity skyrocketed to a new high. In the course of her career in social networking, she has worked with a myriad of other well-known users. It is part of the collaborative YouTube channel Muser Family, a collaboration of other social media heavyweights like Loren Beech and Taylor Skeens.

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In her videos, which usually consist of meaningful themes and stories, Kristen Hancher deals with popular trends such as fashion, hairstyles, and music. With the help of her interest in dance, sports, acting, and music, Kristen manages to mix things up in her videos, which sometimes contain interviews and her short appearances as an actress.

The beautiful star is keen on sports and even plays football. She also likes to travel and would always share her outdoor experiences with her fans. Apart from, the social media personality on Instagram is well known with more than 5 million followers on the platform.

It has been speculated that her ability to engage people in her videos has largely contributed to her rapid rise to fame and a growing fan base. She is friendly, sociable and also exudes an aura of youthfulness around her. She also makes sure that her fans feel at home with her and even introduces some of her friends in her videos. She also pursues every problem with her fans and creates a sense of belonging through her content interactions with them.

She loves wearing different hairstyles and doing make-up tutorials among other things. Fitness seems to be important to her, as she regularly performs a fitness and training routine and does sport.

There’s no doubt that Kristen’s efforts in social media are successful – her fan base is proof enough that she knows how to keep it going. On she has over 13 million fans on her Kristen Hancher account. Unfortunately, she has not revealed what her salary and net worth are.

Her Family Life, Is She Dating Anyone? – Boyfriend

Although Kristen Hancher is not so open with details about her family and its members, we know that they are closely connected. She maintains a close relationship with her family. The social media celebrity, who can be described as modest and down-to-earth, has a younger brother named Derek.

Kristen Hancher – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family Life and Other Facts
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She is not married yet but is supposed to be in a romantic relationship with Andrew Gregory since 2016 while focusing on building her career and making her fans proud.

There is no record of a relationship in the past, which is not surprising if you take the age of the star as a clue. She still has many years ahead of her and would definitely make the best of it.

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Other Facts About Kristen Hancher

She was born in Canada on May 17, 1999, and grew up at the side of a younger sibling, a brother named Derek. Your sun sign is Taurus.

She loves to play football.

She was active on YouNow before she transferred her craft to and threw the former to the wind.

It has 4.2 million followers on Instagram, more than 54.8k followers on Twitter, and over 602k subscribers on YouTube.

Kristen Hancher is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 63 kg.