Josh Elliott Biography, Where Is He Now, Here Are Facts You Need To Know

Josh Elliott Biography, Where Is He Now, Here Are Facts You Need To Know

Josh Elliott is a veteran radio journalist and sports reporter and one of the most famous names in American television, having worked for almost every major news station in the country. Early in his career, he carved out a niche for himself as a sports reporter for ESPN. He became even more famous when he joined the ABC Network and worked as a news anchor for Good Morning America in early 2010.

Elliott cemented his status as a sports reporter with NBC Sports and then served as the lead anchor on CBS News. He also had an important moderator role with National Geographic television and can indeed be considered a versatile broadcast journalist.

Josh Elliott Biography

Joshua Michael Elliott, better known professionally as Josh Elliott, was born on July 6, 1971, to a woman named Susan. He was later adopted by a couple, Charles Elliott and Toni Jordan, with whom he grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Josh Elliott – Biography, Where Is He Now, Here Are Facts You Need To Know
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Josh Elliott attended Loyola High School in Los Angeles and after graduation, he went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, for a college education. Originally, he dreamed of playing for the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos men’s water polo team, the school’s athletics team, but eventually, he worked for the campus newspaper The Daily Nexus. He graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

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After graduating from college, he worked as a freelance journalist for the Santa Barbara News-Press. He then enrolled in postgraduate studies at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, graduating with a Master of Science degree in 1999.

Where Is He Now?

After Josh Elliott’s infamous departure from CBS News, there was great uncertainty about his career as he had recently worked with the other two major news channels (ABC and NBC) and left each of them equally under less than pleasant circumstances.

Interestingly, the versatile veteran broadcaster returned to television screens in the summer of 2018 when he appeared on the National Geographic Channel as co-host of Yellowstone Live with wildlife expert Chris Packham. Yellowstone Live is a four-night event that showcases the beauty and wonders of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Josh Elliott Family Life

Elliott’s wife Liz Cho is also a news anchor. The duo concluded the alliance on July 11, 2015, in Montecito, California. Before his current marriage, he was married to Priya Narang, with whom he has a daughter named Sarina.

Josh Elliott – Biography, Where Is He Now, Here Are Facts You Need To Know
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Here Are Facts You Need To Know about Josh Elliott

The early days of his career

Josh Elliott worked as a sports reporter for Sports Illustrated for 6 years in his early days as a sports journalist. He also worked as a television producer for Galaxy Productions, after which he moved to 20th Century Fox.


When he joined ESPN in 2004, Elliott was a panelist on major sports programs like Around the Horn and Jim Rome Is Burning. Occasionally he also co-hosted the sports morning show Cold Pizza on ESPN2. His first full-time moderation was on the program “Classic Now” on ESPN Classic, which was very short-lived.

Elliott’s biggest role in the ESPN network was in the long-running sports news show SportsCenter, which he co-hosted with Hannah Storm from 2008 to 2011. He also worked for other departments of the ESPN network, including and ESPN the Magazine.

ABC stint

After leaving ESPN in mid-2011, Josh Elliott moved to ABC, where he replaced Juju Chang as a news anchor for Good Morning America (GMA). He later hosted Good Afternoon America, an afternoon spin-off from GMA, in the summer of 2012.

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His term of office at ABC ended in early 2014, after which he moved to NBC. He made his on-air debut in the channel’s coverage of the 2014 Kentucky Derby, and he has also served as a sports presenter on NBC Sports and The Today Show. His tenure with NBC came to an abrupt end in December 2015.

His controversial spell at CBS

Elliott was hired by CBS News in March 2016, but his spell with the station ended after only 11 months. He served as the lead anchor for CBSN, the streaming video news channel of CBS News. He was dismissed in February 2017 under highly controversial circumstances.

Josh Elliot Net Worth

Josh Elliott reportedly has a net worth estimated at $5 million. This is undoubtedly a very large sum, but it is no surprise considering that he has had the privilege of working at the highest levels for some of the major television stations in the United States.

Josh Elliott Height

This veteran television presenter stands at an outstanding height of 191 cm (6 feet 3 inches). His physique is also attractively groomed.