Who Is Zion Kuwonu, What Is His Age, Height? Meet His Girlfriend

Who Is Zion Kuwonu, What Is His Age, Height? Meet His Girlfriend

Zion Kuwonu is a multi-talented artist who used Instagram as a platform to showcase his talents and incredible dance steps and sweet melodies. Little by little, his Instagram account @zionkuwonu attracted attention and won him many fans and followers. Following this success, Zion received an invitation from the Sony Music record label and also attracted the attention of reality TV judge and producer Simon Cowell, who offered his support.

Here you will find everything you need to know about Zion Kuwonu – his personal and professional life.

Who is Zion Kuwonu? Facts about his age and ethnicity

The boy is also known as Caleb Zion Kuwonu was born on June 29, 1999, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is absolutely correct that he has a mixed ethnic background of whites and blacks. He is of West African descent on his father’s side, while on his mother’s side he is of Scottish and Irish descent. He was raised by his mother Mandy Kuwonu together with his siblings Elom and Kekeli. His file said that Zion was hardly a toddler before he began singing with his sister Kekeli. Even though the artist had not yet graduated from college, this did not limit his creativity and style.

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The Canadian pop singer plowed through an almost impossible channel to fame. Instagram had little imaginable way into the limelight at the time, and Zion became one of the few to dispel that doubt.

Who Is Zion Kuwonu, What Is His Age, Height? Meet His Girlfriend
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Before he achieved fame, Zion Kuwonu lacked confidence in his singing and dancing skills and could rarely perform in front of an audience. Not that he felt he was singing badly, but he simply did not trust the result. Apparently, the video impressed an unexpectedly large number of people, especially the girls. Then he realized that a good voice was indeed a blessing.

In December 2014, he began presenting his singing and dancing talent on Instagram. His constant uploading of song and dance videos aroused the interest of many die-hard fans and record companies. Sony Music was the first record company to offer him an invitation to New York City in 2015. Following this event, he received another invitation to audition for Simon Cowell, a judge, and producer of an English reality TV show, and was fortunately selected. In 2016 the artist joined a band called “PrettyMuch”. This band was originally founded by Cowell and consists of talents such as Edwin Honoret, Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter, and Nick Mara, who is gifted in making good music.

He felt the need to concentrate fully on his career and so he moved from Los Angeles to the USA because he was determined to do his best for the success of his band, so he didn’t create a space for divided attention. Nevertheless, he often visits his family in Canada and shares good times with them. This balance helped Zion Kuwonu feel close to home and gave him the concentration he needed for his career.

Who Is Zion Kuwonu, What Is His Age, Height? Meet His Girlfriend
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In mid-2017, the band released its first album with the hallmark of originality and style. With increasing success, the band began to push their boundaries, moving from Instagram uploads to performances on world-class stages. After their countless nominations, the band members of Prettymuch became even more popular, especially Zion.

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Who Is Zion Kuwonu’s Girlfriend

Zion Kuwonu rarely talks about his private life, as he prefers to hide it from the public, but sources say he has a heterosexual orientation. In November 2017, he began a romantic affair with Jazmine Nunez, who was every teenager’s dream girl. They fell in love and dated for a while before their love turned sour. According to one report, they are no longer together, neither as friends nor as lovers. Currently, Zion has hidden his romantic affairs from the media. Despite all attempts, the media has not provided information about his current relationship.

What Is His Height?

Apart from his stylish clothes, Zion Kuwonu has an active lifestyle that has helped him to achieve a firm and furrowed physique. He enjoys spending a lot of time in dance training to develop a more perfect, chiseled body. He also follows a healthy diet to keep his body fit and often dyes his hair to match his outfit. Zion Kuwonu’s height is up to 6 feet tall.