Bob Myers Wife, Family, Net Worth, Golden State Warriors Career

Bob Myers Wife, Family, Net Worth, Golden State Warriors Career

The present has a way of preparing you for the beautiful future you envision. But it also goes beyond one’s own dreams to present him with a tomorrow that he has not yet dreamed of and that he usually did not even think possible. For Robert Michael Myers, popularly known as Bob Myers, it was a path that he never could have imagined, but which he has mastered brilliantly to be the General Director of the Golden State Warriors.

Bob was born on March 31, 1975, in the San Francisco Bay Area in Danville, California, and attended high school in Monte Vista where he wrote basketball. He almost took his rowing class before being intercepted by UCLA’s assistant basketball coach, Steve Lavin, who suggested he apply to join the basketball team, which he did and has not stopped excelling in the game since.

He played for the UCLA Bruins while studying economics from 1993 to 1997 and was a member of the NCAA championship team in 1995 while receiving a sports scholarship. Bob received his Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School in 2002 and is a member of the California State Bar Association.

Thanks to his position and prudent decisions, the team has been able to achieve successes it initially thought possible only with the others. In addition to his laudable management career, he was named NBA Basketball Executive of the Year for two seasons. He also deserves admiration for the fact that within three years of his career he has moved the Warriors from a latent to a potent state.

Bob Myers Golden State Warriors Career

Bob Myers Wife, Family, Net Worth, Golden State Warriors Career
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Bob Myers was appointed Director-General of the Warriors on 24 April 2012, having held the position of Deputy Director-General since 14 April 2011. Prior to his appointment, he worked for the Wasserman Media Group as a sports agent after completing an internship with and working with renowned sports agent Arn Tellem. With 14 years as an agent, he only seemed more than capable of running an NBA team.

He was hired as Assistant GM under then-manager Larry Riley and was finally promoted to the position of GM after only 12 months. An experienced sports agent who served as Vice President of SFX Sports (formerly Tellem and Associates) and an expert in contract negotiations and player recruitment, he took prudent steps to ensure his team an enviable position.

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The Warriors had a strong draft after he took office in 2012 and made major acquisitions in the 2012-2013 season. With the necessary move, they made it to the second round of playoffs before losing to the San Antonio Spurs in six games. The promotion was the team’s best post-season finish in 36 years. At the end of the season, the Golden State Warriors were described as the season’s wonder team, and their manager was praised for impressing them more than anyone else.

Always on the lookout for ways to develop and strengthen his team, he hired coach Steve Kerr and extended Klay Thompson’s contract for the 2014-2015 season, a decision that led the team to a record 67-15 points in the NBA and ultimately led to him being named NBA Basketball Executive of the Year. They also won the 2015 NBA finals (their first title in 40 years) after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games. With every recorded victory, the Warriors got better and better.

In the first three years of his tenure, he put together teams that earned three direct trips to the NBA playoffs. It was the first time the Warriors had earned three consecutive post-season playoffs from 1975-77.

In the 2016 post-season, Bob signed Kevin Durant, David West, Zaza Pachulia, and JaVale McGee and was named NBA Executive of the Year for the second time in three years after the 2016-2017 season. Impressive, isn’t it? The Warriors also had a record of 67 to 15 points in the league, including the league’s best post-season record of 16-1 and the best start to the post-season record of 15-0. This was also their second record in three years and they also won the 2017 NBA Final.

It’s common knowledge that in most cases it’s not about getting to the top but staying there. So Bob’s winning streak and his management skills may have led many to wonder how he does things. His secret to staying at the top of his game, however, begins with having players who are deeply self-motivated, and in order to maintain their success in the long run, the need to find people who have a deep longing becomes a priority. With such an attitude, he can only achieve one success after another.

Bob Myers Family, Wife

Bob Myers Wife, Family, Net Worth, Golden State Warriors Career
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Bob is married to Kristen, with whom he shares two daughters, Kayla and Annabelle. They met through Bob’s younger sister Kelly, who was her high school friend. Kristen lost her brother Scott Dinsmore (see picture above) in a most unfortunate incident on September 12, 2015. He was killed by falling rocks when he and his wife Chelsea climbed Kilimanjaro.

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Bob Myers’s Net Worth

After a highly successful 14-year career representing numerous NBA players and an equally successful career, it is expected that the Warriors General Manager will have the assets to match the successes. He has not disappointed us, as his net worth has been ranked between $6 and $12 million by some online sources.