Jayden Bartels Biography And Other Facts You Need To Know About Her

Jayden Bartels Biography And Other Facts You Need To Know About Her

MissJaydenB is a girl with many talents, she is a dancer, singer, actress, and model all by herself. Jayden Bartels, as she is popularly known, has starred in films like Dance-Off Juniors and Dance Moms. Her life and budding success is a great inspiration to many people out there, especially children her age.

While her friends were busy capturing fun while playing and being children, Jayden was also busy capturing fun by perfecting her many talents in working with adults, learning from them, and starring on screen. This is how she became popular and people wanted to learn about her. Here is a report on her biography and other facts you will find interesting about this young woman.

Jayden Bartels’ Biography

The multi-talented girl was born on November 1, 2004, probably in California, where she still lives under her caring mother and father. Her mother is the brain behind her YouTube videos and also her social media manager, while her father takes care of her musical activities.

Jayden Bartels Biography And Other Facts You Need To Know About Her
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The high-flyer has two older brothers who are already grown up and well over 20 years old. Unlike most other young talents her age, Jayden Bartels was not home-schooled but still goes to the traditional school that most children attend regularly. This undoubtedly gives her the opportunity to meet many other teenagers and still get a taste of normal life.

Her hobbies so far include playing the piano, for which she took lessons for over two years, playing football for as many years, and gymnastics in particular.

Her credits include working as a children’s model for LA Models, she also dances and was part of the Millennium Dance Crew and the Movement Talent Agency. On TV she became a familiar face in commercials for El Monterey, Tide, Toys-R-Us, Pizza Hut, and several other brands, and she also appeared in two episodes of the web TV series Clique Wars.

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The young artist’s talent didn’t stop there, as she has also been on stage directing many music drama projects, including Little Shop of Horrors, Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Newsies, and Mary Poppins. She auditioned for participation in the 2016 Purpose Tour Children, Washington DC. and was subsequently selected. Her selection gave her the great opportunity to perform (dance) on stage with Justin Bieber.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Her

Dance Interest – Jayden Bartels began dancing as a child and joined a competition dance team where she learned to dance to various styles of music such as jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary jazz, and even ballet.

Rise to Fame – She first appeared on television in the web TV series Clique Wars. However, Jayden became famous for her contribution to the dance television shows Dance Moms and Dance-Off Juniors. The child celebrity made her debut in the sixth season of Dance Moms in the episode “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like A-bee”. The exposure that this role brought her in 2016 gave her the opportunity to star in “When Pigs Fly”. This was a graduate film from USC, which shed light on the idea of never going beyond one’s imagination.

Jayden Bartels Biography And Other Facts You Need To Know About Her
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Movie Likes – Although she has not yet starred in a movie, her favorite movies are actually horror and mystery movies that she can watch for hours without getting scared or bored. This fondness for these kinds of movies will naturally give most people goosebumps when she talks about the contrasts with the cheerful and lively Jayden Bartels personality we are used to. Maybe when she gets older, or even now as a teenager, we’ll see her star in horror and/or crime movie to give us an idea of how dark she might be inside.

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Greatest Fear – For someone who is not afraid of scary things on a screen, Jayden Bartels is still afraid of heights, and you won’t see her when she does something where she is far from the ground. Skydiving and bungee jumping are a no-no for her and will probably remain so unless she overcomes her acrophobia.

Favorite Color – Guess what it is; pink, white, blue, purple, or maybe green. How about lavender or maybe turquoise, which definitely sounds strange to most boys? Well, Jayden Bartels has a preference for the simple and bright color yellow, which I know you have read about to find mentioned.