Matt Carriker Wiki, Net Worth, Who is The Wife? Here are The Facts

Matt Carriker Wiki, Net Worth, Who is The Wife? Here are The Facts

Matt Carriker is a celebrity in the medical world who is loved by many people. He is a veterinarian and also a YouTuber. Matt first became famous with his first channel on YouTube, and after he received his veterinary license, he launched his second channel, which contains videos of his rescue efforts as an animal lover and doctor.

Besides these and what you probably already knew about his career and fame on the Internet, do you know about his wife and his fortune? Here you will find these in addition to many other details about his career and facts you will find interesting about the celebrity YouTuber.

Background Information of Matt Carriker

The veterinarian and YouTuber Dr. Matt Carriker was born on October 21, 1986, in Texas, United States of America, to white American parents. This makes him a white ethnic and American national.

The identities of his parents, such as name, profession, and the place where they are currently located, have not been publicly disclosed. It is known, however, that he has a sister named Ali, who allegedly lives with him and also followed in his footsteps to become a veterinarian. Despite the lack of information about the identity of his parents, we are aware of other aspects of his life such as his education, career, and private life, so read on!

Matt Carriker Wiki, Net Worth, Who is The Wife? Here are The Facts
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Matt (Mathew) Carriker attended the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, which he graduated from in 2008. He received his veterinary license in 2012 and has been practicing the noble profession ever since.


The Texan-born veterinarian now works in a veterinary clinic at the Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary in Boerne, Texas. He has always wanted to shoot videos and often went into the woods equipped with a camera to get material for his videos. In early 2011 he launched his first YouTube channel called DemolitionRanch, and the channel is all about tearing things down. If you have a phobia or dislike of weapons and their accessories, you probably shouldn’t watch the channel. Nonetheless, the channel has seen over 703 million viewers in total and boasts over 5.2 million subscribers. A few years ago it was recognized as one of the most popular gun channels on YouTube and still enjoys its respect today.

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After seeing the power of social media and in particular the dominant influence YouTube exerts on cyberspace, Matt Carriker decided to repeat the same success in another channel entirely dedicated to his veterinary practice, especially animal rescue. He created his second channel, called Vet Ranch, in 2014, and the channel has not failed, with over 271 million hits to date and a subscriber base of over 2.1 million. At Vet Ranch, he makes and posts videos of the transformations that the rescue animals under the care of his teams undergo, and there is also a website –, dedicated to promoting the cause.

Before Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch, for which Matt Carriker is better known, YouTubers had an older channel called OffTheRanch where he blogs about himself and his family. The channel was launched in 2007 and has over 1.8 million subscribers with an impressive 226 million (plus) video views.

In addition to his regular work, he owns and operates a small family veterinary clinic in San Antonio, Texas, where he lives with his family.

Carriker’s Net Worth

The question of his net worth was answered by a few online sources. Matt Carriker’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1.8 million. However, many people who love and appreciate what he does believe that he is worth more in unquantifiable ways. Matt Carriker gives the rescued animals the opportunity to live in a more comfortable way again.

There are reports that a few TV stations have approached him to do a series of his animal rescue show (which will increase his net worth), but Matt refuses and would not accept anything if he had to spend less time caring for animals in need.

Who is The Wife?

Matt Carriker Wiki, Net Worth, Who is The Wife? Here are The Facts

Matt Carriker is married to Meredith Atkinson, with whom he had three children, two girls named Adalyn, Annie, and a boy named Lincoln. The family also includes Matt’s sister Ali and a dog, a boxer breed called DozerMan.

All signs indicate that Matt Carriker is a doting family man, and there have been no rumors of resentment in the family.

Not much information has been released about his wife, and it appears she is not someone who feeds off of social media advertising. If she makes any disclosures about herself, we’ll keep you posted.

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Here are The Other Facts About Matt Carriker 

  • He uses the income from his YouTube channel to take care of the medical bills of the rescue animals he looks after.
  • The veterinarian is a slim trunk with a height of about 1.80 m and a weight of about 211 lbs.
  • He starred in a film called Strain 100, after which he began to see offers from television companies for a series of his animal rescue. He turned them all down.
  • Most of the animals he treats are often rescued by San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA), and they are usually adopted by worthy people afterward.
  • Canadian vlogger Peter Czerwinski was a guest on his DemolitionRanch channel.
  • Matt’s birthplace is Texas, his birth sign is Libra.