Ashly Perez Biography, Career at BuzzFeed, Is She Gay? Who Is The Girlfriend

Ashly Perez Biography, Career at BuzzFeed, Is She Gay? Who Is The Girlfriend

Many people would agree that Ashly Perez is one of the celebrities who has made a name for himself around the world, while virtually nothing is known about who they really are and what their story was before they reached celebrity status.

If you are hoping to learn a thing or two about Ashly Perez online, you will most likely be frustrated. It doesn’t matter how long and hard you dig, you’d be frustrated because you’ll probably only find out about your workload with BuzzFeed.

Anyway, we did our own bit of research, and here are the things we thought you should know about Perez; we covered the basic facts of her biography, her career with BuzzFeed, and her love life. Is Ashly really gay, as is widely speculated; if she is, who is her girlfriend? Here you will find the facts!

Ashly Perez Biography

If you ask the lady to tell you who she is, she would most likely introduce herself as a producer, actress, and director. She would also point out that she is a writer and then talk about her success with BuzzFeed.

Suppose you press for more details, Ashly would emphasize her passion for creating content for the Internet, explain her love of stories, and reaffirm her convictions about women’s positive attitude to changing the world.

Ashly Perez Biography, Career at BuzzFeed, Is She Gay? Who Is The Girlfriend

Ashly Perez was born on July 8, 1989, and we have certified that her birthplace is in California. It was also confirmed that the lady is of mixed origin – Korean, Filipino and Cuban descent. For this reason, it was quite difficult for Ashly to identify exclusively with one particular group while growing up. She had no choice but to adapt and find an identity for herself wherever she was.

As far as we know, Perez’s career in digital media was not made possible by a conscious effort, but by chance. In fact, what she studied at the private, non-profit Pepperdine University in Malibu, California (international studies) had nothing to do with the profession that brought her fame.

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Career with BuzzFeed

No! Ashly Perez is not only a member of the BuzzFeed Community, where everyone has the chance to write a post. She was initially employed by the New York-based Internet media company where she was involved in the pre-production, production, and post-production of the Social News and Entertainment Media Outlet.

Her career at BuzzFeed began after a piece she wrote for the BuzzFeed community became famous. According to Perez, she applied for a job at the outlet a few months earlier but did not receive any feedback until her article was circulated quickly and widely on the Internet. By chance, BuzzFeed reached her and invited her to join the editorial team. She joined the digital media company in 2013 as an Editorial Fellow and later became known as the company’s video producer and development partner.

She started as a staff member of the organization and joined BuzzFeed Motion Pictures the following year and was one of the creators of BuzzFeed Violet, which immediately became a success story. According to VidCon, Perez currently works with both traditional and digital media facilities. It is said that her focus is on improving the many colored and queer women.

Ashly Perez Biography, Career at BuzzFeed, Is She Gay? Who Is The Girlfriend

Is She Gay; Who Is The Girlfriend?

Notwithstanding the above, Ashly Perez is known for her support of the LGBTQ+ community. For this reason, many assume that she is part of the community, while others speculate about her sexual orientation.

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Well, it has been revealed for the first time that Ashly Perez is sexually attracted to both men and women (bisexually) in the production You Do You of BuzzFeed Violet. She described the decision to reveal her sexual identity in this way as evolution and expressed that she just wanted to be more honest about her life. Perez stated that the BuzzFeed purple characters are based on real people, and claimed it was absurd that they hide their real-life weirdness from viewers.

If there were still any doubts about her sexual orientation, Ashly cleared them up on April 30, 2007, when she tweeted that she was gay, proud, and happy. We can’t say who her partner is right now.