Who is Ricky Dillon? Is He Gay, How Old is He, Here Are More Facts on His Sexuality

Who is Ricky Dillon? Is He Gay, How Old is He, Here Are More Facts on His Sexuality

Ricky Dillon achieved fame at a very young age, he was smart and witty; it was not surprising that the young boy, who recorded amusing short clips in addition to appearances on his friend’s YouTube channel, rose to star status. After he had become famous and successful in the media, many questions about his sexuality arose after rumors that had haunted him at a certain time and the revelation he had made. Here you can find out more about him and also learn details about his sexual orientation.

Who is Ricky Dillon And How Old Is He?

The American YouTuber, songwriter, and singer were born on April 4, 1992, in North Carolina. His family, which includes his two older sisters – Tara and Lexi – moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama, when he was one year old. Ricky, whose full name is Richard Porter Dillon Jr., was educated at Hoover High School and was a member of the school band. During his school days, he played both trumpet and tennis. Dillon then went to Auburn University after high school to study film, but would, unfortunately, drop out of college after three years.

Ricky started his YouTube career on January 16, 2009, when he uploaded his first video on his PICKLEandBANANA channel. Today he has hundreds of videos that have delighted his more than 3.3 million fans, and the number is growing. In total, he boasts over 175 million video views, and in addition to his personal channel, he was a member of another YouTube group called Our2ndLife, where he collaborated with others such as Justin Caylen, Sam Pottorff, Connor Franta, Kian Lawley, and Trevor Moran. However, the group disbanded in 2014 after having seen about 2.7 million subscribers.

Who is Ricky Dillon? Is He Gay, How Old is He, Here Are More Facts on His Sexuality
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On his personal channel, he uploads song covers and music videos. Born in North Carolina, he played the leading role in the series Sour Patch Kids entitled Breaking Out. He also starred in his debut single Ordinary in 2014 and his debut EP entitled RPD was released on January 26, 2015. Still in 2015, in the month of July, his second single called BEAT gained popularity shortly after he released it.

Most of his works on YouTube have been published mainly through Demi Lovato, who has had a great influence on his musical career. He has covered many of their songs, which were also released on iTunes.

Ricky Dillon proved that he is a man of many talents when he published his book entitled Follow Me: A Memoir in Challenges. In the book, he asks his readers to follow him through a series of challenges and changes that would ultimately change their lives for the better.

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Is He Gay? – Here Are More Facts on His Sexuality

The circle of celebrities is packed with people of different sexual identities. Over the years, many of them have come out as gays and lesbians, but many have managed to put an end to various rumors about their sexual preferences by doing things to show that they are heterosexual or by coming out openly to declare that they are heterosexual.

Still in this basket of controversy about who is sexually behind her skin are some others who identify neither with their own sex nor with the opposite. Ricky Dillon has placed himself in this category. The YouTuber declared that he is asexual, which means that he is not sexually interested in girls or in his fellow men.

Who is Ricky Dillon? Is He Gay, How Old is He, Here Are More Facts on His Sexuality
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However, if you snoop around looking for information about how long he has been like this, it turns out that he has actually gone out with some girls in the past. Online accounts of his earlier love affairs revealed that he dated his colleague YouTuber Shelby Waddel once in 2013, but broke up with her shortly after that year. At the same time, there was a rumor that he had Alexa Losey as the apple of his eye, just as Trevor Moran was put on the gossip list as another lady with whom he had a love affair.

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When these rumors were finally not considered true and factual, a fitting turn came, saying that he was in fact gay. At this point, Ricky decided to do us all a favor and come out himself to tell us what was going on in his closet, which we were obviously not privy to.

Strangely enough, he described himself as asexual and has lived a single life since then, to believe his explanation or rather to claim, if you like to call it that.