Zhaire Smith Bio, Family Life, Highlights And NBA Draft Scouting Report

Zhaire Smith Bio, Family Life, Highlights And NBA Draft Scouting Report

One of the (future) discussion points of the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft for 2018, as players in the Apex League evolve, will be how Zhaire Smith – a three-star recruit who projected himself onto a first-round selection, played and exceeded expectations in the league.

Zhaire didn’t have to play all of his college seasons because his one season at Texas Tech was exactly what he needed to get an NBA team to use his services. Perhaps his commendable mastery of basketball and his innate athletic ability has something to do with his father, who played college football at Kansas State University in his heyday. As we try to find out what makes this boy special, you’ll learn a lot about him in his biography, his family, and what is said about him in NBA draft scouting reports.

Zhaire Smith Bio

Zhaire Smith was born on June 4, 1999, in the large and beautiful city of Garland, Texas, northeast of Dallas.

As an adult, Zhaire was enrolled at Lakeview Centennial High School, where he quickly became famous for his basketball game and was coached by J. T. Locklear. During his high school career, the boy averaged 20.1 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game in high school. When he graduated, he was a decent 3-star recruit and chose Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, where he would play for the Texas Tech Red Raiders basketball team in 2017.

Zhaire Smith Bio, Family Life, Highlights And NBA Draft Scouting Report
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In the Red Raiders, Smith lost no time in the one season he played with the team, averaging 11.3 points and 5 rebounds per game. At the end of his first season, he signed up for the 2018 NBA Draft, which then completed his college qualification.

On the day of the draft, June 21, the Phoenix Suns voted Zhaire Smith 16th overall in the 2018 NBA Draft but quickly traded him for the Philadelphia 76ers for Mikal Bridges and a first-round pick in 2021 for the Miami Heats.

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Family Life

His father is Billy Smith, but his mother’s name is not yet known, although we know for sure that he has a sister named Aayinde.

Billy played college soccer for the state of Kansas in his youth and later became a multi-sport coach, but has been confined to a wheelchair since 2013 after a herniated disk surgery that worsened afterward. Before being confined to a wheelchair, Billy was also a tough basketball player in high school with eventual NBA star Larry Johnson.

Although not much is known about their family, the Smith’s have raised their children in the best possible way for what little we know, and that’s why Zhaire Smith always has his parents in mind when he plays, and they are also his biggest fans.

Highlights And NBA Draft Scouting Report

Zhaire Smith Bio, Family Life, Highlights And NBA Draft Scouting Report
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Born in Garland, Texas, the baller stands at a height of 1.93 m (6 feet 4 inches) and weighs 91 kg or 200 lbs with a wingspan of 6’9.75. He has continued to improve as a sniper/small striker and is very much compared to the Indiana University prodigy – Victor Oladipo.

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In the Raiders, Zhaire Smith was responsible for playing primarily away from the ball and not getting much out of dribbling for himself. He made impressive contributions to scoring goals and, as a finisher, caused unforgettable damage with his explosiveness in jump shots with limited attempts.

Zhaire Smith is still a work in progress and is developing at a very fast pace. By the time he is thoroughly refined, he is likely to be one of the sharpest shooters, capable of stealing balls quickly and neatly even in defense.

He has shown clear signs of playing an aggressive form of defense, for which he makes maximum use of his length and side speed. He is also tough in protecting the edge and is disruptive when he denies access to opposing players. In the not too distant future, Zhaire will make a big defensive difference on his current team or any team he would play for in the future.

Some of the highlights of his young career in the short period of time he has been in the game, especially in college, include his Big 12 All-Defensive Team and his Big 12 All-Newcomer Team – both in 2018.