Deborah Jennifer Stern Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family

Deborah Jennifer Stern Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the daughter of the famous and cult television presenter Howard Stern and his first love Alisson Stern, whose love story began as a teenager at Boston University. Deborah’s father Howard Stern is also a Hollywood actor who nicknamed himself the King of Media, while her mother Alisson was an American actress who was married to Howard for 23 years before she left him in favor of David Simon, to whom she remarried.

Following in her parents’ footsteps, Deborah made her career as an actress in the entertainment industry. Although she did not achieve as much as her father in show business, she made something out of her long experience.

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Deborah Jenifer Stern Bio

The famous eccentric television presenter Howard Stern and his then-wife Alisson welcome their second child Deborah Jennifer Stern on May 9, 1986, when everything was still good and rosy between the two of them. After the divorce of her parents, she spent much of her childhood with her mother and sisters; the older – Emily Bert Stern, born in 1983, and the younger sister – Ashely Jane Stern, born in 1993. Emily is three years older than Deborah, and she is also an actress who starred in the movie Remember Me in 2017.

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Deborah grew up in New York and is well-read in many different areas of life. She has a degree in humanitarian service, a Ph.D. in independent educational counseling, an MAT from the University of Chicago Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in reading, writing, and literacy. She is also a school founder and teacher.

Deborah is the founder of Debra Stern Partners, also known as The Muse. Her acting career began with a small appearance in an episode of the show Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. This was followed by further appearances in films such as For The Boys in 1991, Nudist Colony Of The Dead in the same year, and Wide Awake in 1998.


Deborah Jennifer Stern’s family can be described as closely connected, even though they do not all live under the same roof and are prone to disagreements. The family’s patriarch – Howard Stern – is an American radio and television personality, a producer, writer, actor, and photographer; hence his daughters probably got the hang of it. Their mother Alison Berns divorced Howard in 1999 and is currently married to David Simon.

Long after his divorce in 1999 from his first love Alisson Berns, the patriarch of the Stern family began dating model Beth Ostrosky. The relationship took her to the altar on October 3, 2008.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Kids, Family
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While Deborah pursued a career as an educational consultant, Stern’s eldest daughter Emily Stern studied theater arts at New York University’s Tish School of Arts to pursue her acting career professionally. Emily also has a flair for music, she has written and published several songs. Her first music album entitled Birthday was produced by Tree of Light Publishing and released in 2003. To further prove that she is a lady of many talents, Emily has a burning desire for photography and owns an exhibition center at the Hadas Gallery in Brooklyn.

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Deborah’s younger sister, Ashley Jade, has done a great job in keeping details of her life away from the media. Like her oldest sister Emily, it is believed that the divorce between Howard and Alisson had a great impact on her children’s love life, so Ashley is still very much single. The three siblings have an estranged relationship with their father’s wife Beth.

Is Deborah Jennifer Stern Married? Husband, Kids

For a while, it seemed that the traumatic experience of watching her parents get divorced would prevent Deborah from having her happily ever after. Many speculated that the Stern sisters could not keep a man, but all rumors were put to rest in 2016 when Deborah Jenifer Stern married her longtime friend Colin Christya, who is the founder of the Hapa-Haba designs.

The marriage is supposed to produce one more child, but the couple seems to get along well without any signs of problems or any hint of divorce.

They are still keeping their fingers crossed that the other two-star girls will walk down the altar like Deborah.