Who is Sara Ramirez Husband – Ryan DeBolt? Here’s All You Need To Know

Who is Sara Ramirez Husband – Ryan DeBolt? Here’s All You Need To Know

Sara Ramirez is not only beautiful but also incredibly talented. The Mexican-American actress is also a well-known singer and songwriter. Throughout her career, she has been fortunate enough to win a Tony Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Satellite Award, and many other nominations. Her musical prowess was definitely proven for her portrayal of the Lady of the Lake in the Broadway musical Spamalot 2005. For this role, she received the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

Sara Ramirez Bio & Age

Sara Elena Ramirez was born on 31 August 1975 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Both her parents are Mexican, but her mother is also of Irish-American descent. Sara began living with her mother in San Diego when her parents divorced when she was only eight years old.

She showed so much interest in music that her mother sent her to the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. At that time, she became sure of her talent after singing in an audition. Not only that, but she also started acting in stage productions at her high school. Through her involvement in roles such as Dolly in Hello Dolly, Miss Hannigan in Annie, she was recommended for the Julliard School, New York City, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Who is Sara Ramirez Husband – Ryan DeBolt? Here’s All You Need To Know
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Ramirez received more public acceptance for her role as Dr. Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy. However, she announced her retirement from the show during the thirteenth season. Of course, her dynamism and professionalism had stolen people’s hearts and left many fans in shock as her exit was not expected.

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Sara Ramirez was discovered by a casting director during her time at Julliard and began to take on roles in various works. She made her screen debut with a role in the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail. Sara is also a sought-after voice actress and sang “Lammy” in the video game Umjammer Lammy on Sony’s PlayStation. She repeated the role in the sequel for PlayStation 2.

She has also made guest appearances in many television series, including NYPD Blue, Law and Order: SVU, Spin City, Third Watch, and many others.

More recently, in 2016, she became a producer of the comedy film Loserville. The main idea behind the project was to create awareness of bullying. The film was released with support from the Pacer Foundation Centre for Bully Prevention. As mentioned above, she has won several awards and received nominations, including Best Actress at the NAACP Image Award and the ALMA Award.

Who is Sara Ramirez’s Husband – Ryan DeBolt? Here’s All You Need To Know

Speaking of her private life: the singer/actress got engaged to Ryan DeBolt in June 2011. The bond of marriage was sealed in a private ceremony on New York Beach on July 4, 2012. However, the union has not produced any offspring for the time being.

Who is Sara Ramirez Husband – Ryan DeBolt? Here’s All You Need To Know
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Ryan DeBolt was born in Mexico on 25 September 1980. He spent most of his childhood in his hometown before moving to the United States. Like his wife, Sara Ramirez, he is a Mexican American with roots in Irish culture. Ryan is a businessman and works in the financial industry, at TIMEC as a business analyst. The bond between them is strong and he supports his wife as much as he can.

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Five Other Facts About Sara Ramirez

1. At a conference in 2016, Sara announced that she is bisexual. Even with this announcement, her marriage is still fixed.

2. Sara Ramirez has also dedicated herself to philanthropy. After declaring her sexual orientation, she is committed to the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT). At a True Colors Fund conference, she spoke in support of homeless LGBTQ youth. In 2015 she was awarded the Ally for Equality prize by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

3. Sara Ramirez is very good at what she does. She expressed the role of Queen Miranda in the series Sofia The First from 2012 to today.

4. After her performance in the Broadway musical Spamalot in 2005, the executives of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) asked her to choose any role she would like to play in one of the ABC shows and talk about success. In the end, she chose Grey’s Anatomy because she has been a fan of the show for years.

5. The actress is bilingual and speaks fluent English and Spanish.