Who Is Kirstjen Nielsen, Is She Married? Why Did She Leave DHS?

Who Is Kirstjen Nielsen, Is She Married? Why Did She Leave DHS?

Donald Trump promised to solve the migrant crisis in the United States, and in an effort to fulfill his promise, he enlisted the services of many, including Kirstjen Nielsen. She was the mastermind behind the separation of parents and children when they entered the country illegally, a move that met with a strong backlash.

This policy put her further into the spotlight, and many wanted to know more about her. Kristjen has replaced the country’s government in various capacities since the George Bush administration. Below you will learn more about her, why she left DHS, the facts about her love life, and much more.

Background Details and Education of Kirstjen Nielsen

Records show that Kirstjen Michele Nielsen was born in Colorado on May 14, 1972. However, she spent her childhood in Clearwater, which is in Pinellas County, Florida. She is the first child of her parents, who have three children; her immediate younger brother is a musician named Fletcher, while her younger sister, the last child of the family, is named Ashley.

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Kirstjen Nielsen is of Italian and Danish descent. She claimed her Italian heritage on her mother’s side, while her father’s grandparents were originally from Denmark; they immigrated to America as teenagers.

Who Is Kirstjen Nielsen, Is She Married? Why Did She Leave DHS?
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Kirstjen went to Berkeley Prep for her high school education and graduated in 1990. She then became a student at the Georgetown School of Foreign Science, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service. She later earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1999.

Kirstjen Nielsen Facts.

How Has Her Political Career Progressed?

Nielsen’s career in politics began to attract attention when she was appointed a special assistant to President George Bush. She also served as Senior Director of Prevention, Preparedness, and Response at the Homeland Security Council.

When Bush retired in 2008, Kirstjen Nielsen continued her life and career and started her own consulting firm. She later returned to a government position in 2017, this time as Chief of Staff to John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security.

In late 2017 she was sworn in as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The Real Reason Kirstjen Nielsen Left DHS

Nielsen is the sixth Secretary of Homeland Security. However, her term of office came to an abrupt end in April 2019 when she submitted her letter of resignation.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s first three months as DHS secretary were quite challenging. She found herself caught in the net of the government’s war against illegal immigrants. Nielsen was particularly concerned about the crisis on the southern US border. While her policy of family separation earned her a public backlash, she was praised by Trump.

A few weeks before Nielsen’s resignation, however, she was not on the same side as the president when she was asked to stop accepting asylum seekers, which she felt was inappropriate. Her refusal to follow the president’s instructions apparently led to her resignation.

Where Is She Now?

Not much was heard about Nielsen after her resignation until recently when she was mentioned among Trump’s nominations for another position under his administration. In October 2019, she was appointed as a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC).

The Council is a body within the DHS and its primary role is to advise the administration on how to manage and improve the country’s infrastructure. Upon her return, she would be a member of the Council along with other members.

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Who Is Kirstjen Nielsen’s Husband?

Kirstjen Nielsen has found a way to keep her private life very private. This has left much speculation about her love life. When she attended a state banquet in 2018, she was with a young man named Chad Wolf, with whom many believed that she had a relationship. But then it turned out that he was just her chief of staff.

She suppressed rumors about her marital status during a financial disclosure report, where the space for a spouse on the report showed “none.

What We Know About Kirstjen Nielsen Parents.

Phyllis and James Nielsen are the parents of Kirstjen Nielsen. They were both doctors and served in the army of the United States. They divorced when Kirstjen was in Georgetown and never got back together.

Although we cannot yet certify the specialty in which her mother specialized, it is known that her father had a position as an ophthalmologist.

Her mom is late, but her dad is hail and hearty. He even attended her swearing-in ceremony as secretary of DHS. Nielsen lost her mother in 2011.