Who Is Jeff Garcia’s Wife, Carmella Decesare? All You Need To Know

Who Is Jeff Garcia’s Wife, Carmella Decesare? All You Need To Know

Those who decided to make a profession out of sport can be roughly divided into two groups – those who achieved nothing of enormous importance and were forgotten after their retirement, and those who remained relevant several years after their remarkable achievements are rarely remembered. Of course, Jeff Garcia’s belongs to the latter league.

Born on 24 February 1970, the ex-American and Canadian football quarterback had a career spanning almost two decades. Starting with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League (CFL) in 1994, Jeff Garcia moved to the San Francisco 49ers of the American National Football League (NFL) in 1999. He left the 49ers after the 2003 NFL season and had a brief stint with the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, and Philadelphia Eagles between 2004 and 2006. The following year, the quarterback moved to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, where he spent the 2007 and 2008 NLF seasons, before spending another brief stint with the Oakland Raiders, the Eagles, the Omaha Nighthawks, and the Houston Texans between 2009 and 2011.

Take a look at the records, you’ll find that this California-born star has several exceptional star performances that set him apart from many of his kind. Aside from being one of the ten quarterback players to score thirty consecutive touchdown passes in NFL history, Jeff has recorded four Pro Bowl appearances; consecutively from 2000 to 2002 and again in 2007. There’s more he’s accomplished in his career, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s take care of his wife Carmella Decesare, below you’ll find out all you need to know about her.

Who Is Jeff Garcia’s Wife, Carmella Decesare? All You Need To Know
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Who Is Jeff Garcia’s Wife, Carmella Decesare?

Jeff Garcia’s wife, Carmella Decesare, is as famous as the former football quarterback, and for several reasons. For most people, it is common knowledge that Jeff is married to a lady who made her name with the popular lifestyle and entertainment magazine Playboy. As far as many people know, it is no secret that Carmella ascended to the throne of Playmate of the Year after working for the American men’s magazine in 2004. The year before (2003) she had applied for the crown when she became the magazine’s, Miss April.

The American model, born Carmella Danielle DeCesare Garcia in Avon Lake, Ohio, on July 1, 1982, is of mixed origin: Puerto Rican and Italian. Beyond her magic with Playboy, she attracted good attention for herself when she took part in the diva search competition of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). After her appearance in the “Wives of Players” section of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, people could identify more with her.

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All You Need To Know

  • When Did They Become Life Partners?

Although it was difficult to determine exactly when Jeff Garcia and Carmella Decesare became lovers, some records document that the marriage between Jeff and Carmella began on April 21, 2007. The two were reunited at the CordeValle Resort in San Martin, California.

  • Do They Have Kids?

Yes, they have children. In their marriage, which survived for more than a decade, they were blessed with four children; two sons and two daughters. About a year after their union they took in their first child, a daughter they named Presley; she was born on April 28, 2008. Sometime in June of the next year, they had their second child and their first son. His name is Jason. After Jason had their second son Jax – he was born on 21 September 2010. Their second daughter followed Jax the following year (2010). She was born in December and her name was Faith.

  • What They Have In Common

Apart from the children and of course the love they feel for each other, Jeff and Carmella have more in common. They both have a predilection for the welfare of others. That’s why they created the Garcia Pass It On Foundation to take care of the less privileged.

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They both also had problems with the law. Long ago, in January 2004, Jeff was arrested for drunk driving. In September of the same year, Carmella was taken to court for a bar fight involving Jeff’s ex, Kristen Hine. After violating a restraining order, she was fined $150 and received a community service order for twenty-four hours.

  • Decesare’s Body Measurements 

Who Is Jeff Garcia’s Wife, Carmella Decesare? All You Need To Know

One cannot deny that Carmella looks good, the model is almost always described with words like beautiful and pretty. We can say that she is 8 inches taller than 5 feet and has a weight of about 130 pounds. Further details of her body measurements are 34 (86B cm), 24 (61 cm), and 27 (69 cm) for her bust, waist, and hips.