Joey Lawrence Wife, Brothers, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Joey Lawrence Wife, Brothers, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Getting into envious form definitely requires a lot of effort, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, but you don’t have to sacrifice all your time to achieve a chiseled athletic build, as the game’s host, actor, and singer Joey Lawrence has proven, who divides his time perfectly between his varied careers, family commitments and yet manages to stay in shape.

The multi-talented entertainer, known for his good looks and physique, lacks the longer time normally needed to devote to bodybuilding, so he targets every single muscle in his body and devotes a short period of time to intensive training of the part he is aiming for. Normally he needs very little space, limited equipment, and very little time to achieve his desired result, and a look at his fit body will definitely convince any doubter.

Joey Lawrence – Bio & Age

The host, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor of the game show, Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr., was born on April 20, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received his early education at the Abington Friends School, which he graduated from in 1994, and went to the University of Southern California for further studies.

Joey Lawrence Wife, Brothers, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Since entering the entertainment industry, Joey has made a name for himself in various facets of the industry; as a singer, he released his first album, Joey Lawrence, on Impact / MCA Records in 1993. The album was 50 minutes long, had a total of 12 singles, and made it to 74th place on the U.S. Billboard 200. As an actor, he is popular for his roles in Brotherly Love, Melissa & Joey, and Blossom.

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Family & Brothers

Joey was born the son of Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Sr., who earned his living in the insurance industry, and Donna Lawrence, who worked as a primary school teacher but is currently a human resources manager. The singer was raised by his parents along with his two younger brothers, Matthew Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence, who also works in the entertainment industry as actors.

During his formative years, his family changed their family name from the Italian-sounding Mignogna to the English name Lawrence.

Is he Gay? Wife, Girlfriend

Joey Lawrence’s sexuality has always been the subject of speculation, and the muffled rumors have always been that he is gay but is still in the closet. However, based on his dating history, it is safe to say that Joey Lawrence is not gay, but is in fact heterosexual.

The actor has been married twice in his life; the first time he married Michelle Vella on August 24, 2002. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and the couple was officially divorced on April 10, 2005.

The entertainer met his current wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson, during his teenage years during a vacation at Disney World Florida. One can safely assume that the marriage was the most advanced for the teenagers, but lo and behold, thirteen years after this chance meeting at Disney World, the two met again and their story ended with the marriage, which took place on July 3, 2005, and continues to this day. Apart from his two marriages, the name of the entertainer has been associated in the past with the names of other women with whom he had relationships: Keri Russell in 1994, Kellie Martin – dancer and actress in 1994, Katherine Heigl in 1995, and Kim Kardashian in 1999.

The marriage of Chandie and Joey was blessed with two daughters, Charleston “Charli” Lawrence, born on May 10, 2006, and a second daughter, Liberty Grace Lawrence, whose date of birth is March 4, 2010.

Joey Lawrence Wife, Brothers, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Joey Lawrence: Net Worth

The net worth of the actor/singer was once estimated at 6 million dollars. His salary during his time at Melissa & Joey was speculated at $25,000 per episode in 2010. He also owed his net worth to brand recommendations he has made in the past, including a Cracker Jack commercial when he was five years old and another commercial for Chips Ahoy.

Recently, the actor was forced to file for bankruptcy, and one can’t help but wonder what happened to all that money.

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Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Joey Lawrence is known for his physique and athletic figure. No wonder he was listed in 1994 by People magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. In addition, in January 2005 he was listed as one of the “25 Greatest Teen Idols” by the TV magazine “TV’s 25 Greatest Teen Idols”.

Joey stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 m and has a commensurate weight of 82 kg or 180.78lbs. His other body stats are; biceps/arms – 17 inches, chest – 48 inches, and waist – 34 inches.