Who is Boonk Gang, What Does The Name Mean and Why Was He Arrested?

Who is Boonk Gang, What Does The Name Mean and Why Was He Arrested?

This guy gets attention for all the wrong reasons, and if you know something about him, you know he definitely loves it. Boonk Gang is a rapper and social media personality who has gained recognition mainly through the videos he puts online. In these videos, he usually does something stupid by causing a public nuisance, stealing donuts from a store, or even committing a more life-threatening crime.

The gang has often said on his videos and in interviews that the events in all his videos are real. He has been arrested for some of the stupid things he has done, but that has only served to increase his recognition and following. He has also released an official music video for his song Makes No Sense, praising the fact that he is off the streets and welcoming his imprisonment with open arms.

Who is Boonk Gang?

The Boonk Gang was born in 1997 and lives in Calabasas, Los Angeles. There is no information about his education or whether he attended school. There is also no information about the identity of his family members.

Who is Boonk Gang, What Does The Name Mean and Why Was He Arrested?
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Boonk, whose real name is John Robert Hill, has led a rather eventful life. Although he knew his father’s identity, he never really had anything to do with him, as the man was absent in his life. He grew up with his mother and siblings in Jacksonville. Hill’s mother also had her own problems. The rapper revealed in interviews that he never saw his mother take drugs. He revealed, however, that she suffered from sudden, unexpected outbursts of rage. In these moments, she screamed over and over again how she would kill herself or even kill her children while they slept.

As a child, Boonk reveals, they moved around a lot and never stayed in one place for long. He was either with a distant aunt or with his mother, or with a friend of his mother’s and a bunch of other people. Years later, this constant movement inspired him to tattoo the word “vagabond” on his face as a bow to his nomadic days.

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Boonk lived on the street for a while after his mother threw him out of the house. She would eventually move to Miami and leave him in Jacksonville. At that time Boonk had a girlfriend. He was always commuting between his aunt’s house and his girlfriend’s house. In 2014, Boonk’s girlfriend found out that she was pregnant with his child, unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage. Later, in September 2017, she was to be taken in again.

A few years later the Boonk gang contacted his mother and she allowed him to move in with her in Miami. Here the rapper decided to do something with social media. He opened an Instagram account, which he expanded by tracking people and not tracking them until he reached 10,000 followers. His fan base continued to grow after he posted a video of him stealing a box of fried chicken from a Popeyes chicken restaurant. He quickly reached a million followers. Boonk celebrated this milestone by making a video of himself dipping milkshakes onto his body at a Chik-Fil-A-Restaurant. He grew into an incredibly successful celebrity in social media while continuing to shoot and post these crazy videos online.

Eventually, the Boonk gang switched to music and decided to change his image. He wanted people to see him as an artist, not a stuntman. This led him to the decision to delete all of his Instagram posts from his time as an all-out troublemaker.

Boonk only started making money from his Instagram efforts when he contacted the management agency of his colleague Lil Pump. Before that time, the Boonk gang was a constant drug user, especially of Xanax and Molly. It got so bad that even Lil Pump and his management were worried about him and his health.

A horrible experience on the basketball court in November 2017 caused the gang to stop using drugs. He remained sober for a few weeks but eventually relapsed. In February 2018, he weaned himself off the drugs again after suffering brief seizures during the recordings in the studio.

Boonk has released a lot of singles and accompanying videos. Songs like MAkes No Sense, Facts, and Ventin are among his most popular songs.

Who is Boonk Gang, What Does The Name Mean and Why Was He Arrested?
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What Does The Name Mean And Why Was He Arrested?

The mother of the Boonk “Robert” Gang was the one who gave him the name Boonk because he got into too much trouble by his theft. The term “Boonk” is an urban word for stealing or grabbing something or someone.

The gang did not grow up in a well to make a home; it was hard to survive, so he started stealing out of necessity to make ends meet. Boonk started taking clothes from the stores when he ran out of clothes, he stole some snacks when he was hungry. Years later he revealed that he was sometimes caught because he had gone in to steal more than he needed.

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Finally, Boonk’s mother got tired of his antics and threw him out of the house at the age of 17. With nowhere to go, Boonk lived on the streets and continued to steal to survive. He started going into high-class shops and stealing high-quality headphones and selling them to students at ridiculously low prices. He also used some of the money he earned to buy candy – a local drug disguised as candy – and sell it. Boonk once learned, and with the help of a friend, also learned how to cash fake checks, which earned him a total of $10,000.

The gang’s stuntman videos have often got him into trouble and even had him arrested individually. Within two months between May and July 2017, he was arrested twice for theft and burglary at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Miami.

On May 9, 2018, John “Boonk Gang” Hill was arrested at his home in Calabasas. The police had received information about a man who was in possession of illegal narcotics and assault weapons. They came with a search warrant to search his apartment, whereupon they arrested him. He was, however, arrested and released that same day on $35,000 bail. In total, the social media stuntman cum rapper was arrested more than four times.