Chase Goehring Biography, Age and Family Life of The American Singer

Chase Goehring Biography, Age and Family Life of The American Singer

During his childhood, Chase Goehring was enrolled in a piano class by his parents who wanted to familiarize him with the musical instrument. But learning the instrument did not inspire Chase Goehring to develop a strong interest in music. When he entered the 8th grade, the singer saw the need to inspire the world with his captivating voice and talent. He started recording songs and releasing them on a live station called YouNow, where people stream live videos.

A few months later, Goehring entered a contest and eventually won a YouNow contest, a feat that propelled him to mainstream popularity in the music community. After his appearance in the 2017 edition of America’s Got Talent Show, he gained international recognition. Learn more about the fast-rising music star below.

Chase Goehring Biography (Age)

Chase Goehring is best known as the Super kind who won the hearts of the audience with his voice at the America’s Got Talent Show 2017. Although he was already a household name on YouNow before joining other contestants on the show, it was the performance of his original song “Illusion” that made him known to the international audience.

Chase Goehring – Biography, Age and Family Life of The American Singer
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As a young man with a lot of success ahead of him, Chase is already famous as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was born on November 2, 1995, in the United States of America, more precisely in Long Beach, California, as the son of American parents.

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Not much is known about his family background, but we have learned that his parents, who have been very supportive of his musical career from the beginning, currently live in Tennessee, where they have lived since Chase’s childhood. As mentioned above, the singer’s career began in high school, but the name of the institution he attended and information about the year he graduated is not known to the public.

Chase Goehring’s path to greatness in the world of music is quite interesting. Unlike most prominent teenagers, the singer basically taught himself how to sing, play guitar, and ukulele by watching online instructional videos. After mastering the instruments, he joined a rock band in his area and started playing the keyboard for them. He played a few gigs with them and eventually left the group with another colleague with whom he formed a musical duo called The AcoustiKats.

Goehring sang with The AcoustiKats for the first time and also played some local gigs with the band. After some time, the singer began to improve, which was reflected in his lyrics as they became more and more fascinating and thoughtful. If there is one thing Chase is known for, it is that his songs are fundamental reflections of his personal experience. In addition to singing, he brings rap, sing-rap, and catchy lyrics to his songs, and they are quite compelling.

2015 was the year in which he dropped his first single entitled “A Capella”. The title earned him the praise of the critics and further motivated him to release his debut EP entitled “Jaded” the following year. Jaded’ consists of five dope singles, including ‘California’, ‘Illusion’, ‘Jaded’, and ‘What is love’.

Chase Goehring – Biography, Age and Family Life of The American Singer
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Chase Goehring made his career breakthrough in 2017 after finishing in the top ten in the reality contest show “America’s Got Talent”. The singer/songwriter also made it into season 3 of The X-Factor, but despite a brilliant performance, he didn’t reach the finals.

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In addition to his popularity in music, the fast-rising musician is also a social media influence with a large audience on popular social media platforms. He has won over 200 thousand followers on Instagram and over 100 thousand fans on Twitter. His YouTube channel, where he mainly uploads his content, has earned him over 250 subscribers since its launch in 2011.

Chase has also met his teeming fans on several occasions at social media events such as TeenHoot, Playlist Live, MAGCON, PressPlay, and DigiFest, among others.

Family Life of The American Singer

Since the eruption of the 5 foot 7-inch young star, many people have wondered if he has a girlfriend and who the lucky girl is. To the disappointment of his fans, Chase has not really opened up to his love life, and he seems in no hurry to share information about his private life with the public.

Considering his age, one can only say that Chase Goehring is still very young for the pressure of relationships. He is currently focusing on carving out a niche for himself in the American entertainment industry. Since he has never been associated with any woman or relationship, it is assumed that the music star is currently single.