Jess Hilarious Bio And Other Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

Jess Hilarious Bio And Other Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

What should one expect from someone who has adopted “Hilarious” as a middle name? Jess Hilarious, the popular comedian with a wild sense of humor, a mother of one, and a social media sensation, has left a lasting impression in the minds of her fans through social media.

The Internet star is not only good at making her audience laugh, but she’s also good at spreading gossip about celebrities and what’s going on in the entertainment industry with her popular contributions on Instagram. Her online segment, known as Jess with The Mess, has grown into a massive online excitement, attracting over 3 million followers.

Jess Hilarious Bio

Jess Hilarious was born on 16 February 1992 in the city of Baltimore as Jessica Moore. Information about her family background and the educational institutions she attended is not available, but it is obvious that she has a son named Ashton, with whom she has a previous romantic relationship.

Jess Hilarious Bio And Other Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

Jess has never been able to reveal the identity of her baby daddy or the circumstances that led to the conception of Ashton, but she makes bitter allusions to the relationship during her shows. The celebrity in social media is, of course, an American, an African American to be exact. She is currently with her boyfriend Chris, with whom she is apparently very much in love.

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Her Instagram comedy sketches, which have had more than 3 million followers, have put the Internet star in the spotlight. Since she was wonderfully funny, it was only a matter of time before she would conquer the stage with her art of stand-up comedy. To this day, funny Jess entertains her fans almost everywhere with her unique creativity, which always leaves a smile on the faces of the audience.

Her online presence continues to grow, as her successes are growing at a rapid and unprecedented rate. In her hometown of Baltimore, Jess Hilarious has opened up to legendary comedian and actor Martin Lawrence. Networks such as Centric, BET, TMZ, and VHI have introduced her in the past, and to this day the single mother is as diligent as ever in her efforts to expand her resume and improve her craft.

Other Facts You Need to Know About The Comedian


Jess Hilarious is not very tall, but her presence is still impressive thanks to her witty skills. She stands at a height of 1.57 m (5 feet 2 inches); other details of her body measurements are not known.

The Controversial Photo With Her Son

The hilarious social media personality caused a lot of controversy with a post in which she posed naked with her son. This got the fans talking and many condemned her for it. There was speculation that Jess was trying to emulate Beyoncé, who did something similar.

Her Personal Life

Jess Hilarious Bio And Other Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

The Internet star had an “unhappy” relationship in the past, which led to the birth of her son Ashton. Although she never revealed the identity of Ashton’s father, she mocks him in her shows again and again. Currently, the mother of a son has a relationship with her boyfriend Chris, whom she seems to be very close to.

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Her Net Worth

The net worth of the hilarious social media star has not been published, but from the kind of wasteful lifestyle he leads, we can deduce that he is worth quite a fortune. Her flourishing career in social media is certainly earning her a lot of money. While most of the numbers cited as the value of her wealth cannot be substantiated, we hope that we will soon gain some insight into the true extent of her wealth.

She Is a Performer Skilled In Mimicking

Jess is just too good at imitating people. Not too long ago she uploaded a video in which she gave a hair-true impression of Tara Wallace, complete with Tara’s exact voice in a mocking video about Tara’s reason to continue to be involved with Peter.

Jess’ Awards

Jess Hilarious made history as the first celebrity ever to win the BET Social Award for “Clapback”. Rest assured that she will be receiving more awards in the near future.