What Happened To Shay Carl And Why Did He Stop Making Videos

What Happened To Shay Carl And Why Did He Stop Making Videos

Shay Carl Butler is a YouTube personality popularly known by his professional name Shay Carl. He is also an author and a well-known vlogger who runs three different YouTube channels. Shay is the brain behind one of the most prominent family vloggers on YouTube called Shaytards.

Shaytards, which went online in 2008, currently has over five million subscribers and has received over two billion hits since its launch. Apart from Shaytards, Carl is also the brains behind Shaycarl, ShayLoss, and even iphoneTARD.

Shay was born on 5 March 1980, and he is the eldest of four children of Carl and Laurie Butler. After high school, he became a missionary for two full years in Barbados, Guyana, and Trinidad under the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before going on to college at Idaho State University, which he, unfortunately, dropped out of to start his own business.

Before he finally decided to pursue a career in YouTubing, Shay worked in various jobs to make ends meet, he worked as a school bus driver, installed granite countertops, and even worked as a radio DJ for Z103.

What Happened To Shay Carl And Why Did He Stop Making Videos
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Carl’s fame on Youtube grew after Philip DeFranco saw one of his videos and loudly confronted him. The outcry not only announced Shay on YouTube, but also caused a huge increase in the number of his subscribers, and by working with the online sketch channel – The Station – the number of his subscribers soon tripled.

His channels went so well that Forbes named Carl as one of the most successful video entrepreneurs on YouTube. His YouTube channel ranked 13th in the New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels of 2014.

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In 2009 he co-founded the Maker Studios together with Scott Katz, Kassem G, Philip DeFranco, Rawn Erickson II, Lisa Donovan, Ben Donovan, and Danny Zappin. The studio was introduced by the New York Times in 2011. In 2014 the Walt Disney Company bought the studio for 500 million dollars.

In collaboration with Corey Vidal, he produced a 90-minute documentary film – Vlogumentary, which was released in 2016.

Originally, Carl founded Shaytard to upload his own funny comedy sketches, but it soon became a family station, featuring Shay, his wife, and their five children. The family started posting daily vlogs in March 2009 and kept their promise to post daily vlogs for over six years before slowing down a bit.

In 2009, the channel won the award for the best YouTube channel or personality at Mashable’s 3rd annual Open Web Awards. Four years later it was nominated at the 3rd Streamy Awards in the category “Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series”.

What Happened To Shay Carl And Why Did He Stop Making Videos

After having published daily vlogs for almost eight years, Shay announced a one-year break towards the end of 2016, which was supposed to start on March 5, 2017. Unfortunately, the supposed break after a scandal about Shay started one month earlier than planned.

In early February, even before the planned break, the veteran vlogger tweeted that he was going to go offline so he could go to rehab to fight alcoholism.

After his long tweet, YouTuber, and adult webcam performer, Aria Nina came online and claimed that Shay had sent her explicit messages and videos of himself masturbating.

What happened to Shay Carl and why did he stop making videos

To prove that she wasn’t making it up, Aria published a series of pictures showing Carl making highly sexual comments to her via a Twitter direct message (DM) conversation.

What Happened To Shay Carl And Why Did He Stop Making Videos
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This triggered an outburst of anger on the Internet, and Shay Carl blamed his alcoholism at the time to explain his actions. In September (seven months later) Shay’s wife Colette released a video in which she thanked the fans for their support after the scandal.

She also revealed in the video that they were working on it, doing their best every day and that she can’t wait to share it with her fans. Two months later, Shay posted a YouTube video from his own site in which he apologized to his fans and took full responsibility for his actions.

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In March 2018 (exactly 13 months), when the family is back, they released a video called ‘We are back? In the video “we are back?”, Shay and his wife said that they have again committed to uploading videos again, but that this will no longer be an everyday occurrence. The couple is also present again on social media.

His younger siblings Casey, Carlie, and Logan are also YouTubers. His youngest brother Logan has his own YouTube channel called LoganMcKay.