Mike Wolfe Married, Wife, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Bio

Mike Wolfe Married, Wife, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Bio

Mike Wolfe is currently one of the most bankable television personalities. He is best known as a regular face on American Pickers – a popular reality TV series produced by A&E Television Networks in collaboration with Cineflix Media.

Wolfe’s love of trash picking goes back to his childhood. At the age of six, he began picking up garbage from various places. The first item he picked up and eventually sold was an old bicycle he picked up from his neighbors’ garbage. After cleaning it, he finally sold it for $5.

Mike Wolfe Bio – Age

Mike Wolfe was born on June 11, 1964, by Rita Wolfe in Joliet, Illinois. He was raised with his two younger siblings – Robbie Wolfe and Beth Wolfe – by their divorced mother.

As a result of his parents’ separation, Wolfe and his siblings grew up in a worse financial situation, a major reason why he decided to go trash collecting.

Mike Wolfe Married, Wife, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Bio

The Joliet-born businessman belongs to the white ethnic group and has American citizenship. His path to fame began after he appeared for the first time on January 18, 2010, in his show – American Pickers – which attracted some 3.1 million viewers and earned great admiration from producers and directors.

Although the respected trash Pickers won the hearts of many when he made his debut appearance, it wasn’t easy to get the green light from History Channel, as he consistently “preached” for five years until his idea about the Pickers was finally bought.

Today Mike appears on American Pickers with Frank Fritz, a friend he met in junior high school. His younger brother, Robbie Wolfe, also appears with his children in the reality television series.

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Is He Married? His Family, Wife, and Daughter

Yeah, Mike Wolfe is married. He entered into this union in Tennessee on September 8, 2012. Mike is a doting father of daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe, who he had with his wife Jodi Faeth on January 30, 2012.

Jodi and the professional antique collector were married, as previously mentioned, on September 8, 2012, and they live happily their best moments together as an adorable couple and parents of Charlie.

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Mike Wolfe’s Net Worth

Since Wolfe has been a professional picker for over 20 years, it can be said with great certainty that he is the king of the world of “picking”. Not only has he dominated his field, but he has also expanded his empire to serve business channels such as advertising contracts, retail stores, books, product lines, to name a few.

As an influential player in the world of collectibles and interiors, he boasts two antique archaeology shops that he bought with the money he earned by looting America’s streets, back roads, and dilapidated warehouses.

The Joliet-born treasure hunter’s house in Le Claire, Iowa, was purchased in 2004 for $175,000 and has two home decor shops, a patio, and a garage for two cars, while the other is located near Tennessee.

In addition to finding and selling “rusty gold”, Mike Wolfe is also active as an actor and author and has received many awards. Prior to his assignments in Hollywood and with American Pickers, in the 1990s to be exact, he ran two bicycle shops in Iowa and was previously a bicycle racer.

As an author, he has written the following books – “Kid Pickers”: How to Turn Junk into Treasure (2013) and “American Pickers Guide to Picking” (2011).

In 2012 he started a children’s initiative called “Kid Pickers”. Mike organizes events and also raises funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, animal shelters, Operation Smile, and the ASCPA.

The treasure hunter, who has declared his love for old school country and Americana on several occasions, also has an album called “Music to Pick By” in his luggage.

In September 2012, it was reported that CBS bought Wolfe’s latest television project with a screenplay based on the life and experiences of the trash picker in his field. Directed by Fred Savage, the multi-camera project unveils a comedy at work that will be performed in his antique and collectors’ shop.

Mike Wolfe Married, Wife, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Bio
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Sometime in 2012, Wolfe signed a contract with Indian Motorcycle at the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and made good money.

He earns a satisfactory salary from his wealth of business channels and American pickers. The show pays him an impressive salary of $500,000 each season, while his net worth is reportedly between $4 and $7 million.

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As an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast, Wolfe has quite a few bikes and is known for his love of Volkswagen.

He owns a VW bus with a cab, a VW panel van, a bow with 63 split windows, a BSA Salt Flat Racer, an Indian Racer from 1913, an Indian from 1912, an HD from 1913, an imbecile from 1914, a Harley VL from 1934, an Indian Chief from 1948, an Indian Chief from 1948 and a Ford F1 from the early 1950s.

The garbage collector’s first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 100, followed by a Honda Elsinore 250 and later a Can-Am 250.

Among the prizes, he has won is Best Ensemble Performance at the Orlando Film Festival, Best Director Award, Best Actor in a Feature Film at the Golden Door Film Festival, and many others.