Madison Keys Parents, Ethnicity, Family, Father, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Madison Keys is a professional tennis player who has made a good name for herself so far. Although she has only won a few titles, she has made a name for herself. In 2016 she reached the highest career rankings as number 7 and reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open in 2015 and the final of the US Open in 2017. Here you can find out everything about her.

Madison Keys Biography and Ethnicity

Madison Keys was born on February 17, 1995, in Rock Island, Illinois. She grew up with her siblings in Quad Cities with her parents, who were both lawyers.

Madison Keys was born the daughter of an African-American father, Rick Keys, and an American mother, Christine Keys. However, Madison does not identify herself as either white or African-American because she does not want to be defined by her race.

Her romance with the game she was to become very popular for began before she was five years old. Interestingly enough, she was not drawn into the sport by the influence of her parents, or even by the love of the game itself, as many others were, but rather by the way Venus Williams dressed. Immediately after seeing the legendary Venus play, Madison also believed she wanted to play like her.

Madison Keys Parents, Ethnicity, Family, Father, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Before young Madison met Venus and fell in love with tennis, she trained as a dancer. What was even more interesting was that she grew up in a city that loved sports like football and baseball but knew nothing about tennis.

By the time she was 12 years old, Madison Keys had already won titles with the Junior Orange Bowl for 12-year-olds and below as her main achievement. What’s more, in her first year as a teenager she competed in the ITF for 18-year-olds and under.

Keys became a professional tennis player at 14. Despite her age, she still had good performance before making her Grand Slam debut at the age of 16.

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With a considerably young career, Madison Keys reached her highest career rankings in 2016 when she appeared as number 7. Before that, she reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open in 2015 and the quarter-finals of Wimbledon. In 2017, she reached the final of the US Open and the quarter-finals of the Australian Open in 2018.

So far she has won 3 WTA titles and 3 ITF titles in singles, while she has 1 ITF title in doubles.

Family – Parents, Father, and Boyfriend

Although their parents are not always seen in front of the media, they are still constantly seen in their games. As mentioned earlier, Madison grew up with two sisters, Hunter Keys, and Montana Keys.

The tennis player has not had many relationships in the past, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her own fair share of dates. Her sexuality was questioned, not necessarily because she is openly a supporter of the LGBT community, but also because of some images that suggest she was with her tennis colleague Laura Robson.

The photos and some tweets that the two shared with each other made people think that they were together and that Madison might as well be bisexual.

Madison Keys Parents, Ethnicity, Family, Father, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Nonetheless, Keys’ confirmed relationship with Bjorn Fratangelo The first time the two came out together was in 2017, and in May 2018 Bjorn was still Keys’ boyfriend.

Before the relationship with Bjorn, there were also rumors that she had something to do with the bad boy of tennis, Nick Kyrgios, but as it turned out, there was never anything between the two.

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Net Worth

Since his move to the pros in 2009 and even before that, Madison Keys has always enjoyed the game of tennis and its stars. She has made a number of wins, even though she hasn’t yet landed a Grand Slam.

Her net worth, although not yet confirmed, is estimated at 4 million dollars.

Madison Keys has made her fortune from her tennis winnings, which amount to over 8 million dollars. Keys has also signed a number of sponsorship agreements that have contributed to her wealth. Nike, Evian, Orangetheory Fitness, and Wilson Sporting Goods are some of the brands that have signed sponsorship contracts with the young tennis star.