Kim Kardashian Ethnicity and Quotes

Kim Kardashian Ethnicity and Quotes

Kim Kardashian West is a beautiful American reality television and social media personality, socialite, model, and actress. Although she initially made headlines for very controversial reasons, against all odds she has become one of the most successful celebrities in the United States. Her success story began when she, together with her sisters and her mother, starred in a family reality series on E! Keep up with the Kardashians and their offshoots.

Have you ever wondered what the ethnicity of Kim Kardashian is?
In that she is an American celebrity, she is not Native American. In fact, very few celebrities are actually Native Americans. Most people, if you ask me, are not interested in the ethnicity of their favorite celebrities, but you might need all this information if you want to get to know your star as well as you should. In this article, you will learn about the ethnicity of celebrities and some of their most popular, interesting, and helpful quotes.

Kim Kardashian Real Ethnic Origin

Her last name alone reveals much about the origin of the real estate star. The Kardashian name is strictly Armenian. Kim’s father, paternal grandparents, and paternal great-grandparents were all of the Armenian descent. In other words, they were all Armenian. Their father, Robert Kardashian, was a third-generation Armenian American born in Los Angeles, California, which made him an American by birth, but he did not forget his Armenian heritage.

Kim Kardashian Ethnicity and Quotes

Kim’s mother, Kris Houghton, is of Dutch, English, Irish and Scottish descent. It is the paternal ethnicity that determines a person’s ethnicity. Ask the geneticists why it has to be that way, but I bet you already have an explanation from your own community or ethnicity. The Armenians know that Kim is one of their own and they love to identify with her.

Armenian newspapers and magazines have celebrity photos on their front page. But what do they think about her fame in the US and UK? Most people have a problem with her because she tends to break their cultural, religious, and traditional beliefs. Worse still, some Armenians mention her name in comedy shows and compare her to the more reserved Armenian-French singer Charles Aznavour, of whom they are very proud. You will also be surprised to learn that she is not allowed to perform in her home country.

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Kim Kardashian Most Famous Quotes

With the popularity and success that Kim has already achieved, many young women struggling to break the ice to fame see the social media star as their role model. She also has a number of forums where she can influence and guide her followers. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star knows her way around and uses forums like this to voice her opinions and share her beliefs. If you’re interested, here are some of Kim Kardashian’s most famous quotes:

1. “I love it when people underestimate me at first and then they become pleasantly surprised.” I believe she means to tell upcoming celebrities that they should not care what people think about them. They should let people see their success with surprise.

2. “It is fun to have a partner with an understanding of your life and lets you be who you are.” This quote is straightforward. It teaches people how to spice up their relationships.

3. “I am an entrepreneur. Ambitious’ is my middle name.” Kim reveals how investing is important to her. She says she is defined by her ambition to be an entrepreneur.

4. “I could not sacrifice my heart simply for a publicity stunt.” She said her feelings are more important than what the public thinks of her. To be successful you must have that mindset.

Kim Kardashian Ethnicity and Quotes

5. “You may never know what the future holds for you or the direction my life will take me,” Kim tells of those who try to predict what her future will be like (the so-called odds markers).

6. “To look and feel my best, I usually watch my calories and exercise.” This quote is to put off those who believe they can achieve the best body shape by other means other than watching their caloric intake and working out.

7. “I would rather have been beaten up in the media than live a life that wasn’t happy,” Kim speaks of standing the negatives of the media.

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Final Thoughts 

If you didn’t know it, today’s edition informs you that Kim Noel Kardashian is actually of Armenian ethnicity. Her father was a third-generation Armenian. Although she is famous and successful in the U.S. and the U.K., her name elicits mixed reactions from the 3 million people living in Armenia. She has many helpful quotes that can help people cope with many problems in their lives, but other quotes are related to their personal feelings.