Nicole Kidman’s Height, Weight, Body And Measurements

Nicole Kidman’s Height, Weight, Body And Measurements

Nicole Kidman has been in show business since 1983 and has provided us with some high-quality shows during all this time. She is one of those people who knew at a young age that they wanted to go down the acting path, even though she was a timid child. Nonetheless, today is not just about her acting skills, we are here to learn about body statistics, starting with Nicole Kidman’s height.

She says she was first inspired to become an actress when she saw Margaret Hamilton’s portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. Since then, she has proven her versatility by taking on various roles on-screen; the good, the bad, and the ugly, as you call it, she has played.

Nicole Kidman’s Height

We can tell you that Nicole Kidman is a tall lady who is at least 7 inches taller than the average 5-foot 11-inch woman. Being such a tall woman has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. There are not many extremely tall men in Hollywood, they are not non-existent, but you often see more leading men of average height out there.

Nicole Kidman’s Height, Weight, Body And Measurements

Kidman’s size makes her a little taller than most of her leading co-stars, whether it’s Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, or Jude Law in Cold Mountain – with her 5 foot 11 inches she towers above them. In 2009 the actress finally got a breath of fresh air when she played the leading role in the film Australia alongside Hugh Jackman.

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Hugh Jackman is 1.80 m tall, so it was a great relief for the actress to finally work with someone who made her feel small. She told Mail Online: “I often work with men who are smaller than me, so it’s really nice to work with a man who makes me feel tiny.

Nicole Kidman’s size has always been a factor in her life, she has often been ridiculed and even discouraged from pursuing an acting career. Despite all this, she continued. The actress would tell you that there is one thing more difficult to find a great co-star than a great co-star, and that is a great husband, especially for the great ladies out there.

Married twice and divorced once, the actress has never been married to anyone taller than her. On the contrary, her spouses have always been considerably smaller than her. Nicole had a full four inches more than her famous ex, Tom Cruise, who stands 7 inches taller than her. After their separation, she said: “I can wear heels again!

Indeed she can, because her current husband, Keith Urban, is only one centimeter shorter than her. Nicole Kidman’s height has a lot of substance, but it’s time to break up.

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Nicole Kidman Weight

Nicole Kidman is obviously one of those really slim celebrities, nobody has to tell you that, you just have to look at her. The actress’s weight has gone up and down over the years, mostly for her film roles. In 2003, however, she lost weight for a completely different reason.

After her divorce, the actress lost weight, like a snake shedding its skin. In 2003 she was clinically underweight, weighing 52 kg and with a BMI of 16. Nowadays she has a little more meat on her bones and currently weighs 58 kg.

It is nothing drastic, but we all agree that it is healthier. Nicole is no stranger to gaining or losing a few pounds for her screen life. In 2007, the slim actress gained 10 pounds for her movie The Reader, and she also gained 15 pounds for her role in the movie The Paperboy in 2012.

Obviously, she made up for that and returned to her fighting weight, even the pregnancy could not fatten her up completely, in which case we have to give some credit to her genes. The actress does not really have a strict training and diet program, she likes to mix it up and keep it fun and family-centered.

She runs, rides her bike, does yoga, and tries as much as possible to make it a family affair. She also really doesn’t stick to a diet, she eats anything but in moderation in her opinion.

Nicole Kidman’s Body Measurements

Apart from Nicole Kidman’s height and weight, we also have her other statistics for you here. Her chest measurement is 34 inches, her waist measurement is 23 inches and her hips are 36 inches.

The actress wears a US size 9, a European size 39, and a British size 7, so that’s all we have on Nicole Kidman’s statistics.