Satya Nadella Bio, Net Worth And Salary, Education, Family, Wife And Children

Satya Nadella Bio, Net Worth And Salary, Education, Family, Wife And Children

Speaking of global intellectuals, Satya Nadella will definitely be at the top of the ladder, because he belongs to the league of people who have made a positive impact on today’s digital world through their tireless efforts.

Satya is also a household name at Microsoft Corporation, where he is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Over the years, he has held a number of leadership positions in the cooperative and has led many projects for the popular software company.

Satya Nadalla – Bio (Education)

Satya Nadella, an Indian-American ICT guru, engineer, and businessman, was born on August 19, 1967, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. His parents Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher and Prabhavati Yugandhar were known to have worked in prestigious companies, as his father was allegedly a government employee for the Indian civil service, while his mother was a teacher of Indian philosophy and language.

Satya Nadella – Bio, Net Worth And Salary, Education, Family, Wife And Children
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As for his education, it is known that Satya Nadella attended public school in Hyderabad and graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering. After his studies at Manipal Institute, Satya Nadella moved to the United States to continue his education in computer science, which led him to apply for a master’s degree at the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which he completed in 1990. In addition to his educational portfolio, he received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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Satya Nadella Career

Satya Nadella began his career at Sun Microsystems, where he worked as a technical employee for the company before joining Microsoft. Upon joining Microsoft, Satya led several high-level projects that were central to Microsoft’s transition to cloud computing. This paved the way for him to become Senior Vice President of Research & Development for the Online Services division, and subsequently, he was named Vice President of the Microsoft Business Division. Based on the leadership skills he has demonstrated in previous appointments, he was named president of Microsoft’s $19 billion Server and Tools business.

As president of the Server and Tools business, Satya Nadella brought Microsoft’s database, Windows Server, and developer tools to the cloud and was able to grow cloud services revenue from $16.6 million to $20.3 billion in two years. In 2014, Satya Nadella was named chief executive officer of Microsoft, following founders such as Bill Gates and Steven Ballmer, who was his predecessor.

It is also known that this technological genius has built a working relationship with the company’s rivals, IBM, Dropbox, Apple Inc., and Salesforce. What’s more, Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation during his term as Executive President. In addition, the company has acquired other companies such as Mojang – a Swedish-based game company that offers multiple versions on PlayStation, Apple iOS devices, and Microsoft Xbox. Microsoft also acquired Xamarian, LinkedIn, and recently added GitHub to its long list of acquisitions.

According to sources, Satya’s strategies also result in the company’s shares rising at an annual growth rate of 27 percent, and towards the end of 2018, he was named the best CEO in the United States.

Family: Wife & Children

Satya Nadella – Bio, Net Worth And Salary, Education, Family, Wife And Children
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Microsoft’s CEO married his long-time lover and flock Anupama in 1992, and their union is blessed with three enchanting children – a son and two daughters.

A look into his wife’s background reveals that she is the daughter of a colleague of Satya’s father in India and that she attended the same institute as Satya – the Manipal Institute of Technology, from which she graduated with a degree in architecture.

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Other Interests

Apart from being a career-oriented individual, the businessman has other interests that he pursues, and one of them is reading. Satya Nadella is a great reader and enjoys reading Indian and American literature. He has even tried his hand at writing and is credited with the book “Hit Refresh”, which tells the story of his life, his career at Microsoft, and his firm belief that technology will change the future of the world.

It is also known that the Microsoft CEO likes to play cricket, often in his spare time.

Satya Nadella Net Worth & Salary

The Indian-American technology guru has earned an enormous amount of money for himself during his career at Microsoft Corporation. His base salary is quoted as $20 million, but sources have different figures for his net worth, ranging from $180 million to $320 million by 2019.