Joey Logano Wife (Brittany Baca), Why He Fought With Kyle Busch, Height

Joey Logano Wife (Brittany Baca), Why He Fought With Kyle Busch, Height

As far as motorsport is concerned, Joey Logano is for most people one of the best things that have happened since sliced bread. This is how the professional stockcar racer got his nickname – Sliced Bread.

Born as Joseph Thomas Logano on 24 May 1990 in Middletown, Connecticut, USA; Joey’s NASCAR journey began when he was only six years old and competed in Quarter Midgets. He rose through the Quarter Midget ranks and became a bandolero racer in 1999. From there he switched to legendary racing and soon became involved with Late Models, where he worked on wheels for Southern All-Star and Georgia Asphalt Series.

His adventure with NASCAR was born in 2005 when Joe Gibbs Racing signed him as a development driver. Today, this guy holds a number of records, which has justified his nickname. Aside from being the youngest winner of a Nationwide Series race, his triumph in the 2009 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (Foxwoods Resort Casino 301) made him the youngest driver to win the tournament in Cup Series history.

Joey Logano Wife (Brittany Baca), Why He Fought With Kyle Busch, Height

Image sourceAs the youngest winner in two of the top three leagues of the NASCAR Series, Joey has earned various trophies and prestigious awards. Find out more about his wife Brittany Baca, the fight he had with Kyle Busch, and his physical characteristics.

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Joey Logano Wife (Brittany Baca)

If you have to tell stories about Mr. Breadsticks’ love life, you need not wonder why it is difficult for most celebrated athletes and other superstars to have romantic and sexual relationships that are not complicated. Most of these guys are romantically involved with several partners, sometimes a handful at a time. But this was not the case with Joey Logano. The American stock-car racer’s heart has been beating for Brittany Baca for as long as anyone can remember.

From what we could find out, Logano and Baca had a thing for each other from the beginning. But then there are other reports suggesting that they first met as young adults on a playground in Charlotte owned by Baca’s sister.

Although it is not yet proven when the two became lovers, it is common knowledge that they decided to become life partners in November 2013. At that time, the NASCAR driver informed the world via Twitter about his engagement in Brittany and announced that they would get married in December of next year. It happened just as Joey had said, he officially became the husband of Lady Baca on December 13, 2014.

Joey Logano Wife (Brittany Baca), Why He Fought With Kyle Busch, Height
Image source

His wife would later reveal that she had chosen the consecutive wedding date (13.12./14.12.), so it would be easy for Joey to always remember her anniversary and that the racer made her engagement a memorable event for her. In Baca’s own words: “It was a sweet moment” that she will never forget. Joey took the time to wrap lights around trees in the forest where he parked Baca’s dream car, a mint green Ford Thunderbird.

Since Brittany has a great love of travel, the couple spent their time honeymooning in Costa Rica. Their affection for each other was enduring and has endeared them until their first child, a son named Hudson Joseph Logano; he was born on January 5, 2018.

Why He Fought with Kyle Busch

Joey Logano has definitely had a number of problems to overcome since the beginning of his racing career, and his scuffle with Kyle Busch, who also competes in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, was just one of them.

The 2017 Cobalt 400 clash between the two American racers took place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In the final lap of the Monster Energy Cup race, Busch dodged another car and met Joey as they all tried to finish in the top five. Due to the collision Bush spun into the pit lane and finished the race in 22nd place, far behind Joey, who finished fourth.

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Angrily Kyle approached Joey after the race and knocked him down. Although Joey later revealed that the blow did not hit him, it did not stop him and his crew from taking Kyle on, they overpowered the outnumbered man to the ground and left him with a scratched face dripping blood.

While Kyle complained that he was “flattened” by Joey and emphasized that he had intentionally wrecked him, Joey insisted that this was not intentional. According to him, Busch wanted to nail him to the corner and he just wanted to avoid being flushed out. It was thought that NASCAR would punish one or both racers for the incident, but that didn’t happen.

Joey Logano’s Height

In motorsport, there is a widespread opinion that the size and even the weight of a racer determine the performance. It is believed that a driver should not be too tall or too heavy to have perfect control over the wheels, as this can affect the aerodynamic performance and balance of a car.

Joey’s career has in no way been hindered by his physical characteristics, he has the perfect size and weight for his job. The man is 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) tall and weighs 180 lb (82 kg).