Jim Sterling Wife, Son, Family, Wiki, Biography, Is He Gay?

Jim Sterling Wife, Son, Family, Wiki, Biography, Is He Gay?

There aren’t many prominent video game journalists who have been successful in the industry, but Jim Sterling is an exception who masters his own space while serving as a video game critic, pundit, and professional representative of the wrestling media.

Jim is a character that, apart from having a strong fondness for video games, you will find his work and personality strange and hard to fathom. It also requires a dedicated and constant pursuit before you can begin to make sense of his YouTube videos if you have recently begun to take an interest in video games.

Find out about his wife, son, biography, and get answers to the controversial question of whether he’s gay or not.

Biography of Jim Sterling and Career Genesis

His full name is James Nicholas Stanton and he was born on 1 January 1984 in Erith, Greenwich, United Kingdom. He grew up with his mother in a poverty-stricken neighborhood where he was constantly abused by his mother’s mistress. There is no further information about his family background or his childhood life, nor about his performance at school. It is generally believed that he moved to the USA because of the hardship that had made his life in Britain difficult, as the USA seemed a much more fertile ground in which to thrive in what he had a talent for.

Jim Sterling Wife, Son, Family, Wiki, Biography, Is He Gay?
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Jim Sterling’s presence on YouTube as a video game journalist first occurred on October 21, 2010, as Jimquisition, a weekly YouTube video series in which he discusses critical and topical issues in the video game industry, such as early access games, gender issues, and unethical business practices of video game players on the manufacturing and distribution side. Jimquisition originally started on the YouTube channel of Destructoid before switching to the channel of The Escapist. The series had 27 episodes before it ended on January 13, 2011. Three months later it returned on April 18, 2011, and has had many interesting episodes since then.

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In addition to the Jimquisition series, Jim is also working on other series such as Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers, which focuses on criticism of poorly made video game trailers. His other series are Nitpick Theater, in which he comments on gaming issues, and itch.io tasty, a series in which he plays video games on various topics on itch.io. To keep his listeners well informed about which games to play, he has another series called Greenlight Good Stuff, which features a number of good game trailers on Steam.

His main game series is Jimpressions, which was formerly called Squirty Play. He talks about his gameplay here, as DrDisRespect, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye do. He also has a series called Boglinwatch, which is worth mentioning as he unpacks Boglins, gives news about them, and visits Boglin art exhibitions.

In 2014, he expressed a desire to return to writing articles and making podcasts that he hasn’t had time to do since Destructoid started. Jim made that wish come true, as his work has been featured on his website – thejimquisition.com – ever since.

More recently, and in 2017 to be exact, he entered the world of professional wrestling as a media representative for the up-and-coming wrestler Stardust (Cody Rhodes).

Jim Sterling Wife, Son, Family, Wiki, Biography, Is He Gay?
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Family – Wife, Son

Jim Sterling is a married man. He lives with his wife in Jackson, Mississippi.

A picture of his wife finds its way to Reddit on December 22, 2015, when it was submitted by a user of the account nicknamed BasedTrump2016. Many of the comments that followed did not speak well of what she looks like.

It is not known whether they have a son or not, as Jim did not mention this.

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Is He Gay?

For one thing, he is married to a woman, so he can say that he is not gay.

However, his sexual preference was questioned when he mentioned in Fallout4 in November 2015 that he is neither a monogamous nor a heterosexual guy. In light of this revelation, it may well be appropriate to throw overboard our earlier claim that he is married to a woman and therefore not gay.

For someone who is not heterosexual, this means that he may be gay unless such a person indulges in celibacy. Jim Sterling has not revealed that he advocates the latter, so we are “boxed in” to believe him not to be heterosexual.