Is Mat Best Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio

Is Mat Best Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio

For those who already know who Mat Best is, be forgiven for imagining him in a wife-beater and Ranger pants, armed with an AK-47 and a cup of black coffee. In truth, this represents the multi-faceted nature of the man, who has successfully grown from his time in the army to a civilian who is an actor and has founded six successful companies, including a fashion line and a coffee brand.

Best of all an actor, comedian, writer, director, and a YouTube sensation. His YouTube channel MBest11x, as of July 2018, has had over 800,000 subscribers and well over 30 million hits in the last 6 years. He is arguably the most influential non-political army veteran after 9/11, and for those thinking about change, this veteran with a sense of humor may be the greatest inspiration to take that first step.

Mat Best’s Bio

Best was born on 2 October 1985 in El Paso, Texas. He grew up in Santa Barbara, California with his two brothers, both older than him. Mat grew up in a family of Marines. His grandfather, his father, and his two brothers all served in the U.S. Navy. He had always joked about joining the Marines when he was younger. But after his two older brothers were drafted into the Marines in junior high when he was still in junior high, he wanted to become a Ranger instead. This happened after a friend showed him what the Rangers were all about.

Is Mat Best Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio
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His time with the army

At the age of 17, he joined the Rangers. During the basic training he turned 18 years old, whereupon he was sent to the 2nd battalion and joined his platoon in Mosul two weeks later. During his time in the army, he was deployed five times in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 2nd Ranger Battalion and the 75th Ranger Regiment.

After serving in the military, Mat Best served as a contractor for the CIA and was deployed to government agencies in several overseas locations. He worked with the agency for five years. After this period of his life, Best also found time to earn a college degree – a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts.

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Acting, YouTube Career, and Businesses

In February 2012 Best decided to stretch out his hands in the comedy. His massive success is proof that comedy is a matter of course for him. His first videos on his YouTube channel did not gain any significant traction. His fifth video, however, entitled “How to be an Operator” exploded and strengthened the former Ranger’s determination to continue. Best’s satirical videos are unique in that he finds a way to mix everything from the dirtiest jokes to strong social values, which he says are all part of his very complex personality.

His audience and followers in social media began with a large military or military-affiliated base, he quickly became a more civilian and commercial success. A number of his videos have reached millions of viewers each. Some of them include “Dumb Sh*t Guys Do”, “Epic Rap Battle: Special Forces vs. MARSOC”, “You Might be a Veteran If…”, and “How to Be a Crossfitter”.

As a businessman, the former Ranger has demonstrated his skills at a number of companies he helped found. Mat is the CEO of Article 15 Clothing, a clothing and lifestyle brand aimed at the veteran and Second Amendment communities in the United States. He is at the helm of this company with four of his veteran friends, JT, Cody, Rocco, and Brad.

Best is also the CEO of Leadslinger’s Whiskey, a company he and his Article 15 buddies designed in 2013. He is the Chief Branding Officer of the Black Rifle Coffee Company and one of the moderators of the popular Drinkin’ Bros podcast.

Since 2015 Mat Best has also been active in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in a number of documentaries, television series, and independent films. His most popular work is probably the film Range 15, which was shot in 2016. The film tells the story of a group of celebrating army veterans in the wake of a zombie apocalypse of global proportions. He was also the producer of the project. In 2017, he also appeared as a guard in the independent film Deported. In 2015, he portrayed the character Bo Scagnetti in the realistically inspired film Hellen Keller against Night Wolves.

Documentaries and series Mat Best has produced, directed, or starred in include Roadtrip Nation, Not a War Story, Living for the Ones Who Can’t, and Drinkin’ Bros Live: The Shaved Eagle Tour.

Is Mat Best Married? Wife, Girlfriend

Is Mat Best Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio
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In the midst of his largely experimental but well-thought-out efforts, Mat found the time for romance. When he met Noelle, his girlfriend at the time is not clear. Judging by her numerous appearances in his YouTube videos and his Drinkin’ Bros podcast, however, it’s safe to assume that they’ve been an issue for some time.

Noelle, who was born on December 25, 1984, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is also a social media personality and celebrity herself. Since 2015, she has been a well-known social media personality and regularly publishes articles on her Instagram account. As of July 2018, she has over 100,000 in her @noelle_best account. The couple married in July 2017 and have no children yet.

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What is Mat Best’s Net Worth?

With all the documentaries, films, and businesses in which Mat is or has been involved, he should have a considerable net worth. His companies make good money every year. For example, Black Rifle Coffee CEO and former Green Beret, Evan Oats, revealed in an interview in April 2018 that the company makes about $30 million annually. Even after this Forbes interview, Article 15 Clothing was already earning $90,000 in its third month.

Statistics like these are the reason why Mat Best’s net worth is reportedly around $2 million.