Is Josh McDermitt Married, Who Is His Wife? Brother, Height, Gay

Is Josh McDermitt Married, Who Is His Wife? Brother, Height, Gay

Josh McDermitt is an American actor whose popularity stems from his roles in shows such as The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, and Angie Tribeca. The actor actually stumbled upon his career in the entertainment industry; he studied criminal justice in preparation for joining the police force when he made several anonymous calls to Tim & Willy, a local radio show in Phoenix. He called with different voices and accents and entertained the show’s listeners, which led him to accidentally discover his hidden talent.

Shortly thereafter, he began working for the show as a producer and thus his entry into the industry. Today Josh is a recognized and acclaimed actor.

In addition to his acting roles on screen, the versatile entertainer is also a stand-up comedian, producer, and hot air balloon pilot. Josh McDermitt is part of the improvisational comedy group Robert Downey Jr. and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Is Josh McDermitt Married, Who Is His Wife? Brother, Height, Gay
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Biography – Who Is Josh McDermitt?

Joshua Matthew Michael McDermitt was born on June 4, 1978, in Phoenix, Arizona. The entertainer was raised in Phoenix with five other siblings from his parents.

All that is known about his educational background is that he went to George Mason University and, expecting to become a policeman, actually studied criminal law, but later deliberately chose the path of entertainment. His career in radio presentation began after his repeated assignments at a local radio station, where he eventually ended up as a producer.

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Brother & Family

Josh McDermitt leads a notoriously private life that goes so far that the public does not have much information about his early life. However, it is known that the actor has five other siblings. He has even admitted in interviews that he channeled one of his siblings – his brother Zack – to play Eugene Porter in The Walking Dead.


Is Josh McDermitt Married, Who Is His Wife? Brother, Height, Gay
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Josh McDermitt began his career, as mentioned above, by working for a radio station. He appeared repeatedly on a local radio show with different voices and was able to entertain the presenters and the audience of the show. He was able to take advantage of this during a production appearance at the radio station.

Soon after, he was one of the candidates for the last comic standings on NBC in 2006, where he reached the semi-finals. Later Josh McDermitt got the role of Brandon in the TV sitcom Retired at 35, which ran from 2011 to 2012.

He was fortunate enough to be cast as Eugene Porter in the critically acclaimed show The Walking Dead in season four. The role, which began as a recurring role, was expanded to a lead role in the fifth season.

Josh McDermitt then got the role of George Payton in two episodes of Mad Men. In 2015 he appeared as Homer in the feature film Life In Colors. He also appeared in Work It, Mad Men, and Twin Peaks.

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Is he Gay?

It’s no surprise that Josh McDermitt is the subject of speculation about gays. The actor strives to keep his private life private and there is no record of him ever having been in a relationship with a woman. All of these are basically ammunition for gossip magazines to speculate about his love life.

However, there is no record that the actor has ever come out, and until he has, it is safe to assume that he is heterosexual.

Is Josh McDermitt Married? Who is his Wife?

As mentioned above, Josh McDermitt likes to keep his private life private. He is so good at the art that no information about his love life or relationship status has ever been made public.

For this reason, there is no public record of any relationship, past or present. In this sense, we can say that Josh Mc Deermitt is not married, has no wife, and is currently single.

Height & Weight

The entertainer stands at an impressive height of 6 feet (1.83 m) and weighs a total of 140 lbs (85 kg) to match his size. His other body measurements are 14-39-30 inches for biceps, chest, and waist.

Josh McDermitt Net Worth

The comedian Josh McDermitt has appeared in several films and television series during his career, but it is believed that the bulk of his net worth of $2 million is due to his paycheck from The Walking Dead. It is safe to say that Josh McDermitt has done well since his early days when he appeared on radio shows.