Cameron Meredith Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography

Cameron Meredith Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography

Some people are born into the greatness of football, while others succeed through diligence, hard work, and constant will. Cameron Meredith falls into the latter category. He is a National Football League (NFL) star who was on the roster of the NFL franchise, the Chicago Bears, after joining them in 2015 as an undeveloped youth star, but who has definitely proven himself in the league and has also established himself as a star.

The Wide Receiver currently plays for the New Orleans Saints, for whom he was signed in 2018 after becoming a restricted Free Agent due to injury. But where did it all start for the football maestro? We take a look at his early life story, his high school and college careers that made him the star he is today.

Cameron Meredith Biography

Cameron Meredith was born like every other person on earth – on September 21, 1992 – and when his mother rocked and raised him, she had no idea that she had a star in her arms. When his parents, Lonnie and Tonjua Meredith, were born in Westchester, Illinois, Meredith’s talents and gifts came to full fruition early on in the oval brown leather game. His known family members are his parents, and it is difficult to tell if there are any siblings before or after him, as he has not revealed if there are any.

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He had his high school education at St. Joseph High School in Westchester, Illinois, and he played soccer with the school team as a quarterback. He was outstanding in the game and also distinguished himself through his academic achievements. For his efforts, Meredith received the high school’s three-year letter in recognition of his phenomenal contribution to school football.

College Career

Cameron Meredith Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography
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After graduating high school in 2009, Cameron Meredith decided to pursue a college education at Illinois State University, where he would later play college football for the Redbirds. In his first year (2010 season) at college, he did not play because he was a Redbirds that season. When he made the team, he was the reserve quarterback, a position he had played so well in high school.

When he changed his game in his junior year to play as a wide receiver, he had more playing time with the Redbirds. He played 10 games in the 2013 season and then another 15 games the following season, scoring 66 receptions for 1,061 yards receiver and 9 touchdowns. In 2015, the now widely recognized Redbirds’ wide receiver announced its participation in the NFL draft for that year.

He was snubbed, however, and no invitation was extended to him to participate in the next NFL Combine, much to the disappointment of those who expected him to go pro. He took an unconventional path by participating in the Pro Day exercise at Northwestern University, where he attracted the attention of club scouts who came to watch the prospects, and so he was recruited by the Chicago Bears for the NFL.

Professional Career in the NFL

Cameron Meredith was not drafted after being pranked by an unknown person via phone call before the Chicago Bears came to his aid and offered him the opportunity to become a professional footballer anyway. After being signed by the Bears in the wide receiver position as a free player without being drafted, he played for the Chicago Bears and finished the season with 11 receptions, including his first, which he won against the Arizona Cardinals in September.

The season was very difficult for him, as he was far behind in the pecking order in a team that already boasted four wide receivers fighting for the starting spot. He played his first game in the 2016 season against the Dallas Cowboys and had some impressive statistics. He had his first season opener against the Indianapolis Colts just over a week later – on October 9th – where he scored his first professional touchdown ever.

He would take this position at Kevin White’s expense and have a very fantastic season. His statistics at the end of the 2016 season included four touchdowns and 66 catches for 888 yards.

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Most Chicago Bears fans (including the critics) must have expected that Meredith would have a great 2017 season after his fantastic 2016 season, but that wasn’t to be. He suffered a knee injury – a torn cruciate ligament – in the preseason that ended his season by excluding him from the entire 2017 NFL season.

He was dismissed by the Bears for the 2018 season (a move that many consider a “mistake” by the Bears) and taken over by the New Orleans Saints on a 2-year contract. The deal was closed after the Bears failed to reach the amount.

Cameron Meredith Height, Weight, Body Measurements

The man from the New Orleans Saints is ready and can’t wait to reach his full potential in the NFL after having to suspend the entire 2017 season. While recovering from the ruptured ACL, he has never failed to keep in shape for the coming season. Injuries and long layoffs can disrupt the players’ body shape, but Cameron Meredith did his best to maintain a fit frame.

The above would explain why he now weighs 207 lbs versus 200 lbs (before the injury). His height is measured at 1.91 m, which is the metric designation for 1.90 m. His other body measurements are not known.