Brynn Rumfallo: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The American Dancer

Brynn Rumfallo: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The American Dancer

Our world is a world in which children and young people are increasingly becoming the focus of attention because they are doing things that the generations before them used to do for fun and leisure. Brynn Rumfallo is one of these young people who have become famous for doing what she loves – dancing.

Besides dancing, she has also shown her talent as an actress and model. Here you will learn 5 interesting facts about this wunderkind.

Background Information on Brynn Rumfallo

The dancer, model, and actress was born as one of three children of Ashlee Allen (mother) and Aaron Rumfallo (father), including Sadie Rumfallo; born in 2005, and the younger Noah Rumfallo; born in 2007.

Information about her formal education has not been officially released, but an unaudited online report indicates that she attends Highland High School where she plays on the same dance team called the Hawkettes with the likes of Brynklie Brown, Bostyn Brown, Dylynn Jones, and Jaycee Wilkins.

Brynn Rumfallo: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The American Dancer
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According to another report from, the teen currently attends an online school five days a week. She later announced that she would like to go to college and become a surgeon (plastic surgeon). She also admitted, however, that she was not sure which career path would be best for her at the moment, as she was equally interested in a career as a model, dancer, and actress. We trust that she will be guided at the right time to focus her creativity and talent on what she would like to do for the rest of her life.

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Rise to fame

I would say that her parents played a major role in helping her get her current career off to a good start from an early age. When most toddlers still spent most of their time playing games and were just kids, young Brynn Rumfallo was already enrolled in a dance club called Club Dance Studio in Arizona. Her tutor was Alexa Moffet, who also served as her role model.

Ten years later, in 2013, the enthusiastic dancer joined America’s Got Talent as part of the group “Fresh Faces”, which included four other girls. They made it to the quarter-finals, but unfortunately, this was the furthest they had gone before they retired. Although they dropped out, it didn’t stop the girls, especially Brynn Rumfallo, from investing more time in their dance interests.

The year 2014 brought her much recognition, as she was named National Mini Female Best Dancer 2014 at the Dance Awards in Vegas. The Arizona-born dancer let her solo performance titled “Breather” rise to the top and took first place among the juniors at the Hall of Fame Nationals in Las Vegas.

In late 2014, Brynn and her mother Ashlee Allen performed in an episode of “Dance Moms” in the fifth season of the Lifetime Hit Reality TV series as part of the Abby Lee Dance Company’s elite junior competition team along with Kalani Hilliker and Sarah Reasons, whom she knew from the Club Dance Studio. They achieved permanent cast status for seasons six and seven in late 2015 but later left the series due to what their mother called an inappropriate portrayal of girls in the National Dance Fire competition.

Brynn Rumfallo: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The American Dancer
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Brynn is determined to stand out from the crowd as she takes every opportunity to advance in her career. She has already stood for models like Abby Lee Apparel, MissFit, California Kisses Dancewear, Miss Behaved Girls, and more recently for me. n.u. Model. On this path of fashion, the dancer and actress began her clothing collection in 2017, whose main models were her and her sister Sadie. In 2018 she also took part in the “Ten Minute Challenge” photoshoot by Jordan Matter.

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5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The American Dancer

  1. Birth: Brynn Rumfallo was born on the first of July 2003, this makes her birth sign Cancer.
  2. Before fame: This youngster actually began performing as a dancer when she was just three years old as a member of the child dance crew named Fresh Faces.
  3. Fame: She rose to fame 10 years later as one of the contestants in the 2013 season 8 of America’s Got Talent show.
  4. Net worth: For now, her net worth was given to be around $200, 000 which comes mainly from her earnings as an actress, model, and dancer.
  5. Body measurements: Though Brynn is still a young girl and should still grow some more, her body measurements are 29-22-30 inches, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches or 165cm with a weight of 45kg or 99lbs.