Angie Everhart Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth and Weinstein Scandal

Angie Everhart Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth and Weinstein Scandal

Angie Everhart is a woman of diverse talents and an embodiment of beauty. At the peak of her modeling career in the 1990s, she appeared in several issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2000 she also graced the cover of Playboy magazine.

The multi-talented actress had a certain amount of success as an actress, and her films include the 1997 love movie Love in Paris. Everhart’s days on the catwalk may be over, but she remains in the spotlight while continuing to appear on other game shows and reality TV series.

Angie Everhart Bio, Age

Angela Kay Everhart was born on September 7, 1969, as the daughter of parents Ginnie and Bob Everhart. She was born and raised in Akron, a city in Ohio. She attended Harvey S. Firestone High School, and among other highlights of her high school years, she served as the school’s mascot, the Firestone Falcon.

Angie Everhart Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth and Weinstein Scandal
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Everhart began modeling at the age of 16, and after graduating high school in 1987, she moved alone to Paris, France, where she continued to work as a model. During her late teenage years, she adorned the covers of magazines such as Elle and Glamour. Her career was almost interrupted after she suffered a back injury in a riding accident. After several months of physiotherapy, she was able to recover.

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In 1995, she appeared in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which became the first of many subsequent issues, and several years later the beautiful model posed nude for the cover of the February 2000 issue of Playboy magazine.

Angie Everhart also caused a stir as an actress when her modeling career took off in the 1990s. She made her feature film debut in the action-comedy flick Last Action Hero by Arnold Schwarzenegger (1993). Other notable film roles of hers include Tales From the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood (1996), Denial (1998), Mad Dog Time (1996), Jade (1995), and Another 9½ Weeks (1997) and Take Me Home Tonight (2011).

The actress, who has become a model, has also acted in several television productions over the years. In 2004 she appeared on the reality game show Celebrity Mole: Yucatán and turned out to be a saboteur/mole in the group. She appeared as Ginger Angie in season 2 of the reality series The Real Gilligan’s Island (2005) but had to leave the show early due to a medical emergency. She also co-hosted the ABC reality series The Ex-Wives Club (2007) with actresses Shar Jackson and Marla Maples.

In February 2012, Angie Everhart began hosting a weekly podcast, Hot N Heavy on the Toad Hop Network, with comedian Greg Wilson.

Relationship and Family Life

Angie Everhart – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth and Weinstein Scandal
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Everhart was married twice in the past. She first married comedian, actress, and singer Ashley Hamilton in 1996. The relationship was very short-lived, as it ended in divorce after only one year. Next, she entered into a long-term relationship with the actor and comedian Joe Pesci between 2000 and 2008.

In December 2014, Everhart married Carl Ferro, president, and co-founder of the food company Sunfare, for a second time. The duo remained together until February 2018, when the model filed for divorce.

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Angie Everhart Net Worth

It is well known that Angie Everhart acquired immense wealth during her heyday as a supermodel among other lucrative ventures in which she was involved. Unfortunately, the former model has spent most of her wealth in the search for medical treatment after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013. In October 2014 she finally filed for bankruptcy. Fortunately, she was declared cancer-free after a successful operation and quickly resumed her showbiz career. Angie Everhart’s net worth is currently estimated at $8 million.

Height and Other Body Stats

Angie Everhart has an impressive height of 178 cm (5 feet 10 inches). The ageless former model has also retained her enviable physique over the years. She has long red hair, which remains her most distinctive physical feature. As a young model, she made history as the first redhead to grace the cover of Glamour magazine. She has represented the United States on several occasions at the World Super Hair Championships and was twice crowned the winner in 2006 and 2010. Interestingly, Everhart was inducted into the Hair Fan’s Hall of Fame.

Weinstein Scandal 

Angie Everhart is one of the many women who have made accusations of sexual assault against notorious Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. The first model revealed that a few years ago, Weinstein entered her cabin on a yacht at the Venice Film Festival and masturbated in her presence while preventing her from leaving the yacht. According to her, she reported the incident to several people on the yacht, but none of them took any action. Everhart made these shocking revelations in October 2017.