Brent Grimes Wife, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Brent Grimes Wife, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Brent Grimes is one of the most popular cornerbacks in the National Football League thanks to his wife and his amazing skills. Born on July 19, 1983, as Brent Omar Grimes, Brent Omar Grimes began his professional career in 2006 and has remained a professional ever since.

At the time of writing this article, the World Bowl champion was boasting of his participation in four NFL (Pro Bowl) All-Star games. From his wife to his wealth and body measurements, here are some of the interesting facts you should know about Brent’s life and career.

Brent Grimes Wife, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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Brent Grimes Wife

True, Brent Grime is a fine cornerback who is widely admired for his skills, but he is probably more famous as the husband of one of the most popular and controversial wives of NFL stars. Brent married Miko Grimes in 2010, and she is in the league as much as her husband. For most people, her reputation as a ruthless trash talker is an added value to the fun in the NFL.

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Like her husband, Miko is athletically inclined, she played basketball in college and later even professionally. With her experience as an athlete and host of sports talk shows, Miko represents Brent in various capacities and acts as his hype man and personal trainer. While Brent is reserved and tries to evade all attention, his wife has been talking all the time and is literally everywhere. When her husband was with the Miami Dolphins, she came to see quarterback Ryan Tannehill and blamed him for the team’s poor performance.

Brent Grimes Wife, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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Legend has it that Miko believed Brent was gay when they first met. This was because the soccer player was overly shy back then. Miko once revealed that they were together for a month and he did not try to get intimate with her. So she decided to let him go, but Brent remained stubborn and eventually, they became a couple.

Meanwhile, it has been said from several sides that Miko’s attitude is dragging Brent’s career down; needless to say, the woman said plenty of unpleasant things in return. When the cornerback switched from the Dolphins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2016, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, reported that the switch was a perfect way to clean up Miko’s mess.

But then Miko claimed that she deliberately became a thorn in the Dolphins’ side to get the team to let go of her husband. According to her, the cornerback was considering resigning because he was very unhappy with the situation at the Miami Dolphins and the team wanted a pay cut from him. Since the love of her life joined the Buc, Miko has taken every opportunity to insult his former team. Among other things, she has assured that his new team is well managed and that Brent is happy with his career again.

Miko is eight years older than Brent, and their association was blessed with a son named Aiden Grimes. Aiden was born in 2010, the same year that his parents became life partners. It is said that he is not a big fan of football.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Several figures have been quoted as the net worth of Brent Grimes, but hardly any of them can be authenticated, the total value of the cornerback’s assets is what he knows best. Nevertheless, we can state that the star has been enjoying lucrative business since 2006 when the Atlanta Falcons presented him with a three-year contract worth $1.08 million. He remained on the team and signed a one-year contract for $2.61 million and $10.60 million in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

The Miami Dolphins arrived in March 2013 and challenged Grimes; his contract with the team began with a one-year $5.50 million contract that guaranteed him $2.75 million. The following year, the cornerback signed a four-year contract with a signing bonus of $6 million and a $16 million guarantee; the total commitment was worth $32 million.

In 2016, he joined the Tempa Bay Buccaneers with a two-year $16.5 million pact that guaranteed $7 million. The pact was extended for one year in March 2018 and offered the cornerback the opportunity to earn up to $10 million with a guaranteed $7 million.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Even if you wouldn’t call Brent Grimes a small man, he is far from being one of the biggest players in the NFL. The cornerback Brent Grimes 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds. Further details of his body measurements have yet to be verified.