Brad Pitt’s Tattoos: 5 Fast Facts

Brad Pitt’s Tattoos: 5 Fast Facts

The Troy star and 12 years slave producer has managed to keep his name on everyone’s lips for one reason or another, no matter how serious or trivial the issue. From Brad Pitt’s political views to Brad Pitt’s numerous hairstyles to Brad Pitt’s tattoos, the Hollywood A-Lister has certainly proven its relevance. On the subject of Brad Pitt’s tattoos, the star apparently has more than just a few, and here is what you need to know about them.

1. Brad Pitt’s tattoos are a mystery

Brad is a very private person and unlike his wife Angelina Jolie, he is silent most of the time about his ink and what it means. This makes us even more curious because his tattoos usually have a very distinct meaning, at least the few we know of. For example, Brad caused quite a media fuss when he wore a very unusual tattoo. It consisted of a sketched linear pattern with several small chopped-off lines that seemed to have no relation to each other.

After his silence, there was an increase in theories about what the tattoo meant. On the one hand, people thought it meant the dams that had come down, which caused the disaster in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina made waves. On the other hand, the interpretation was that the lines represented the streets of the city that formed the French Quarter in New Orleans.

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Both interpretations were very revealing, but it seems that the theorists have thought too much about it. In the end, his wife Angelina dispelled all doubts by offering some clarity. In an interview with US Weekly, she said she drew the random patterns on his back and he liked it, then she made it permanent. She also said, “It’s meaningful that we make angles and shapes out of each other’s bodies, that kind of thing”.

2. Some of Brad Pitt’s tattoos are sentimental

Even though he has some pragmatic tattoos, or at least we think he does, some of Brad’s tattoos are sentimental. To celebrate his love for Angelina Jolie, the actor had her date of birth tattooed on his stomach, in Khmer, the official language of Cambodia. Also before their wedding, Brad had a variation of a romantic poem by Rumi tattooed on his chest, which reads: “There is a field beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there”.

If you thought the last one was cute, this one is even better. Brad dedicated a tattoo to his whole family on his right forearm. The tattoo is a thin cross containing the initials of all the members of his cozy family. It is an A for Angelina, M for Maddox, P for Pax, Z for Zahara, S for Shiloh, K for Knox, and V for Vivienne.

3. Brad Pitt prefers cryptic tattoos in foreign languages

Just as we have already mentioned, the star tends to have mysterious tattoos that make us all guess. His tattoos are often in foreign languages. On his left forearm, he had “Absurdities de l’ existence” tattooed, which means “life is absurd”. His inspiration was the preface of the book Daniel Pearl. On his lower left hand, he has ‘Invictus’ which means ‘invisible’, attributed to a poem by ‘William Ernest Henley’.

Also on his lower back is the Sanskrit blessing. Although its meaning remains a mystery, it is said to be for the protection of his son Maddox. His wife, Angelina Jolie, has a similar blessing on her left shoulder blade and he is said to protect Maddox and himself from harm. It means, “May your enemies run far from you. If you acquire riches, may they always be yours? Your beauty will be that of Apsara. Wherever you go, many will accompany you, serve and protect you, surround you from all sides.

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4. Nobody knows the exact number of Brad Pitt’s tattoos

As cryptic as he is with the meaning of his tattoos, he is with his tattoos as a whole. Nobody knows the exact number of tattoos, they somehow only show up on his trips and he never makes any comments on them.

5. Brad Pitt’s tattoos are all unique and meaningful

You have to admit it, even though we don’t know what they mean half the time when we find out that his tattoos have significant meanings and make people think. It’s amazing how he can get people to come up with very unique and thoughtful interpretations for his tattoos, nothing sloppy or second rate. It’s obvious that he thinks a lot about this and hopefully one day we will get a little insight from the movie star himself.