All You Need To Know About Ryan Arcidiacono

All You Need To Know About Ryan Arcidiacono

Ryan Arcidiacono is an Italian-American basketball player who holds the position of Point Guard / Shooting Guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is one of the young lads in the league and a prodigy of Neshaminy High School and Villanova University, where he honed his skills in handling the ball to be as polished as we know it; he leads the offense and makes sure the ball is distributed to his teammates at the right time.

Ryan has convincingly demonstrated how special and productive he is in every aspect of basketball, and with his career still at the cradle, much more is expected of this Italian-American professional basketball player. As we watch him develop into one of the greatest hoop players on American soil, let’s take a tour of everything you need to know about this young baller.

All You Need To Know About Ryan Arcidiacono

Birth and Early Life

Ryan was born on March 26, 1994, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later baptized Ryan Curran Arcidiacono. He is one of six children of Joe and Patti Arcidiacono – former students at Villanova University, where his father – Joe played soccer as an offensive lineman. Ryan’s siblings are Sabrina, Nicole, and Michael, who are all older than him, and his younger twin siblings Christopher and Courtney.

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As a child interested in basketball, his father had to put a makeshift basket in their living room to practice shooting jump shots and layups before he ventured into playing on basketball courts.

Education and Amateur Basketball Career

All You Need To Know About Ryan Arcidiacono
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Arcidiacono went to school at Neshaminy High School in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, where he played basketball under coach Jerry Devine. In his second year, the boy attracted the attention of college basketball programs such as Syracuse Orange, Florida Gators, Texas Longhorns, and the Villanova men’s basketball team after his impressive performance in the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions.

At the end of his high school career, Ryan Arcidiacono had a total of 1,498 points, 449 rebounds with 378 assists, 178 steals, and 160 three-pointers. He was ranked among the top 50 seniors by ESPNU.

With such high notes, Ryan committed to play basketball in the men’s basketball team of the University of Villanova from 2012 to 2016.

Ryan Arcidiacono was an outstanding college basketball player who played basketball from first to second, second, and third year. He led his team to many victories over the four seasons he played basketball with his team, for which he received several awards and honors, including inclusion on the Big East All-Rookie Team (2013), First Team All-Big East (2015), NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player, and NCAA Champion (2016).

NBA Draft

The Italian-American pro baller was not called up in the 2016 NBA Draft and then chose the San Antonio Spurs for the 2016 NBA Summer League and was tossed back and forth before being purchased by the Austin Spurs, a subsidiary of San Antonio. In the 2017-18 season, Ryan was supposed to play basketball for the Italian team Juvecaserta, but after some skirmishes that resulted in them not being allowed to play in Serie A, he canceled his contract with the Italian team and looked to America.

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The Chicago Bulls thought he was a gold mine of basketball talent, so they offered him a two-way contract on July 25, 2017, which he gladly accepted. The terms of the contract stipulated that he would play between the main team and the Windy City Bulls, their G League partner.

His career statistics proved promising when he played the two-way contract, and in recognition of his services, the club presented him with a standard contract on July 31, 2018. His new contract would be for one year, and there are good reasons to believe that if Ryan meets the expectations, he would probably get a better offer from the club or from someone else.

Ryan Arcidiacono Body Measurements

Basketball is a game in which a player’s physical build and strength play a crucial role in how he plays on the court and, of course, how long he lasts, by settling scores with the players on the opposing team. For this reason, young players like Ryan Arcidiacono pay special attention to how they build up their physique in order to keep up with the times. Ryan Arcidiacono’s height is 1.83 meters tall and weighs 195 pounds. With the right exercise routine, he will undoubtedly hold his own when he competes against opponents who are physically taller than him.