Alexis Knapp Baby, Daughter, Height, Body Measurements

Alexis Knapp Baby, Daughter, Height, Body Measurements

Many would call Alexis Knapp a singer, but she is best known as an American actress. Knapp has earned much admiration and respect for her performance as Stacie Conrad in the musical comedies “Pitch Perfect” (2012) and “Pitch Perfect 2” (2015).

Now everyone is waiting for the third part of “Pitch Perfect”, and it has long been confirmed that Alexis Knapp will appear in the upcoming “Pitch Perfect 3”.

Apart from “Pitch Perfect”, Alexis Knapp is also known for her role as Alexis (a popular high school girl) in Michael Bacall and Matt Drake’s “Project X” (2012).

Knapp expressed his discomfort in portraying Alexis because it required nudity. It’s on record that she admitted this: “I just had a lot of moral problems with it, but I got over it and heard that it’s not that revealing…” According to her, she was allowed to supplement the role.

Alexis Knapp Baby, Daughter, Height, Body Measurements

While Knapp is also known for her performance in the first season of the American comedy series “Ground Floor”, she was also awarded for her numerous small roles like in “Couples Retreat” (2009).

Knapp’s acting career began with the aforementioned small roles. Before that, she worked as a model. It is also known that Alexis hosted a popular internet video series in 2008 – “Project Lore”. It was a show about the video game – “World of Warcraft”.

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Alexis Knapp Age, Bio

Knapp celebrated her 28th birthday on 31 July 2017. Birthday. She was born in 1989 in Avonmore, Pennsylvania.

Alexis Merizalde Knapp grew up with her parents, Marjorie and Bradford Elwood Knapp, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Knapp grew up with three brothers and no sisters. She once explained that this is why she hangs out with men a lot. Alexis would later leave home and move to Los Angeles when she turned 18.

From our gatherings, Alexis Knapp did not stumble upon acting. She prepared for her career by getting a classical education in the performing arts. As a child, Knapp was trained in opera, music theatre, and dance. Her knowledge in the performing arts made it easier for her to make her film debut in “Couples Retreat”. She was initially cast as an extra and must have given an appealing performance, as she was later raised and given a role.

Alexis Knapp loves classical music. But when it’s party time, Drake, Jay Z, and Kanye West are her boys. When she chills at home she listens to Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Radiohead, and DJ Shadow.

Severally Knapp has been praised for her contributions to the fight against the sex trade. She is said to have participated in the 18 for 18 campaign – a project initiated to raise money to help fight the sex trade.

Alexis Knapp Baby, Daughter

It was often thought that Alexis Knapp would not have been as popular as she was if she hadn’t had a romantic affair with the remarkable actor Matthew Ryan Phillippe.

Alexis Knapp is Ryan’s baby mama. Sometime in 2010, she started dating the actor. The relationship would not last long. Things fell apart for Knapp and Ryan after a few months and they gave up whatever it was they had that year.

It’s believed that Knapp found out she was pregnant after they broke up. Ryan supported her throughout the pregnancy.

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She finally gave birth to her daughter on July 1, 2011, and Ryan was present during the birth. They named the child Kailani Merizalde Phillippe-Knapp

After the failed relationship with Ryan, it became common knowledge that Alexis Knapp is dating Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the television series “Family Guy”. This allegation was never substantiated. It was only considered gossip, and it is unknown if Knapp is currently dating anyone.

Alexis Knapp Baby, Daughter, Height, Body Measurements

Height, Body Measurements

The actress is attractive and her body structures are proportional. No one would deny that she is beautiful and gorgeous.

Alexis Knapp is 5’7″. She weighs 57kg, and the details of her body measurements are as shown below: