Who is Jennifer Lopez Dating? Her Boyfriend, Ex-Husbands and Relationships
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Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo, is an American actress, singer, dancer, and producer. The superstar was born on July 24, 1969, to Puerto Rican parents, Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez began dancing in 1991, acting in 1993, and singing in 1999 – all three career decisions have paid off for her in the long run. She has also appeared in several films, including Maid In Manhattan, Enough, Wedding Planner, Second Act, and The Boy Next Door – some of which she produced herself.

Her Ex-Husbands & Relationships

Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has had a colorful dating history, including some of the most famous men in the industry. Some of her relationships have led to marriage, while others have not been as successful. Here is a complete list of her past relationships. Read on to find out who she is with now.

Chris Paciello

Jennifer Lopez and Chris Paciello began their relationship in 1992 and Chris, who is an ex-convict after pleading guilty to being involved in armed robbery, was with the musician until 1994.

Wesley Snipes

Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes met on set when they shot the movie Money Train in 1995. The co-stars were only together for a short time and separated after less than a year together.

Ojani Noa

Ojani Noa and Jennifer Lopez have been together since April 1996. After 10 months of dating, the two married on February 22, 1997. Noa had decided to work at Madre’s (Jennifer’s Latin Restaurant) but was fired, whereupon he sued the musician.

As a result, a confidentiality agreement was drawn up, but he broke the contract and was sued for invasion of privacy in addition to breaking the contract.

These incidents made the marriage seem more like a battlefield than what it was supposed to be. The couple finally separated in January 1998 and divorced on March 1, 1998.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

American rapper Diddy revealed his relationship with Jennifer Lopez in August 1999. The two had been together for months, but they never publicly acknowledged their relationship. Sadly, the relationship ended in February 2001.

Cris Judd

The American actress and choreographer were with Jennifer Lopez for 7 months after they met on the set of Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Lopez’ music video). They got married on September 29, 2001. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and the two were separated in May 2002 and finally divorced on January 13, 2003.

Ben Affleck

The Latin pop star and Ben Affleck met on the set of the 2002 movie Gigli. At that time Lopez was still married to Cris Judd. When Jennifer was about to divorce Cris Judd, Affleck began to make his intentions known. Both were later seen in a strip club in Vancouver. In 2003 their relationship flourished with engagement and even wedding plans.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned and in 2004 they called off the wedding and ended their relationship.

Marc Anthony

After the canceled wedding with Ben Affleck in 2004, Jennifer Lopez married the American singer Marc Anthony on June 5, 2004, after a two-month engagement.

The couple worked together frequently. They appeared together on the set of the film El Cantante (2006), and they also worked on songs for each other’s albums. After four years of marriage, Jennifer gave birth to twins on February 22, 2008 – a boy, Maximilian David, and a girl, Emme Marie.

Sadly, MarcAnthonyy and Jennifer Lopez publicly announced in 2011 that they had mutually agreed to end their marriage. They finally divorced on June 16, 2014.

Casper Smart

Their first date began in November 2011, but by June 2014 they had already gone their separate ways. A short time later it was confirmed that the two are together again. They were seen together at a romantic rendezvous in Las Vegas and were also at a Kid Ink concert. The whole relationship finally ended in August 2016.


Canadian rapper and songwriter Drake was romantically linked to Jennifer Lopez in November 2016. The award-winning artist published a cozy picture of the two on Instagram. They were also featured in Drake’s Las Vegas show. But after two months they stopped in January 2017.


Jennifer Lopez is said to have teamed up with the Ukrainian-American dance teacher Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2014. The couple never claimed to be a couple, but always said they enjoyed each other’s company while working together.

Later, the rumor spread that she was in a relationship with Rodrigo Santoro, her co-star in the film What to expect when you’re expecting (2012). It was reported that the chemistry between the two worked on and off the set. But the claim was unfounded.

There was also a rumor about a date with A-actor Bradley Cooper in September 2011. She was seen at dinner in New York City, but the two claimed it was a business meeting.

Who is Jennifer Lopez Dating? – Her Boyfriend

Jennifer Lopez is currently in a relationship with retired athlete Alex Rodriguez. The two have been together since February 3, 2017. The lovebirds were recently seen in Italy, where they were on vacation. Alex, a former shortstop in baseball, has posted a video on Instagram that shows him and Jennifer Lopez singing during a boat trip.

The two seem happily and blissfully in love at the moment, although they have stated that they are in no hurry to walk down the aisle to the altar.