Who is Jena Frumes? Here’s All You Must Know About Jesse Lingard’s Girlfriend

Who is Jena Frumes? Here’s All You Must Know About Jesse Lingard’s Girlfriend

One look at her and it is clear that Jena Frumes has covered the beauty part. But the opulent model also has the brains – and the wisdom to go for it. The pretty girl with blue eyes has made a name for herself as an online personality, especially on Instagram, where she has millions of followers. Her career spans modeling and acting. She also uses her Instagram account to earn every extra dollar she can earn.

The products she markets revolve around sports and health products because they perfectly match her personal brand and the type of content she uploads to her Instagram. Frumes has also been very busy on the relationship side of her life. The model has dated several popular names in the past. More recently, however, she has been dating Manchester United star, Jesse Lingard.

Who is Jena Frumes?

Jena was born on September 21, 1993, in Union Beach, New Jersey. Because of her parents, the girl from New Jersey has an African, French, and Indian heritage. After high school, Jenna was never really interested in school. She only completed a university education at the request of her parents. They believed it would give her something to fall back on if her dream of making it into show business didn’t materialize.

Who is Jena Frumes? Here’s All You Must Know About Jesse Lingard’s Girlfriend
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Nevertheless, Jena Frumes studied something that would help her pursue her dream career – theatre and dance. She did so at North Carolina Central University. After school, Frumes followed in the footsteps of many of the country’s aspiring entertainers and moved to Los Angeles, California to build her career as an entertainer and model. Initially, she focused on building a large fan base and personal brand on Instagram. She focused on posting pictures and videos of herself and performing workout routines, dancing and rocking while wearing everything from seductive dresses to sexy bikinis. Soon support offers from various companies called.

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Fume’s big break came in 2015, in the form of the popular MTV improv comedy Wild N’ Out, hosted by legendary actor, rapper, and producer Nick Cannon. In order to participate in the auditions for the show, Jena had to persuade a friend who had connections to the show. This was the beginning of something that can only be called the beginning of an overnight success.

Jena Frumes soon moved in high-profile circles and took part in the same events as the big and powerful in the business. One of these events was the baby party of Wild N’ Out girl star Brittany Dailey. Next, she began appearing in music videos for A-musicians. Jena appeared in Jacob Latimore’s video for his single Ah Yeah. She also appeared in Jeremih’s video for I Think of You in 2017.

The ultimate dream of Jena Frumes is to become an actress. She opened her portfolio in this respect in 2016 with her participation in the short film Mango & Guave. In this film, she played the love interest of the main character, who tried to make a career as a runner but was abandoned by love.

All You Must Know About Jesse Lingard’s Girlfriend

Who is Jena Frumes? Here’s All You Must Know About Jesse Lingard’s Girlfriend
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The model went out with football star Jesse Lingard, who plays for the English top team Manchester United. She met Jesse sometime in 2016, and the two stayed in touch until they started dating sometime in 2017. It seems that she is committed to the relationship, as can be seen from the countless posts she has posted on her Instagram that have to do with “Jesse”. She even flew to Manchester in time to help her boyfriend celebrate his 25th birthday. Birthday to celebrate. A few months after the rumor arose that Jesse had cheated on her, she posted some cryptic posts suggesting that she had broken up with the soccer star. But eventually, she took them down.

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It turned out that the aspiring actress had a penchant for celebrity relationships. Before Lingard, there were rumors that she was with her boss, Nick Cannon, during her Wild N’ Out days. She was seen spending ample time with the veteran rapper at parties, dinners, and the gym. Frames also published some of these pictures on her Instagram, which helped to feed the rumors.

The Instagram star also dated another athlete – Antonio Brown. The footballer plays in the wide receiver position for the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, this relationship did not end well. The NFL player had previously broken up with his girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss, who had a baby for him, but while he was with Frumes, he had a change of heart and reconciled with Chelsie, which Jena did not take well.

Jena Frumes also loves animals, especially dogs. She has a dog named Yoda. On her Instagram she also revealed that she likes fruits, her favorites are pineapple and watermelon. She says fruits help her to stay in shape.