Who is Jang Hyuk’s Wife, Kim Yeo-jin, Kids, Family?

Who is Jang Hyuk’s Wife, Kim Yeo-jin, Kids, Family?

Between the movies, TV series, reality shows and music videos, Jang Hyuk’s acting portfolio is very robust and almost exclusively South Korean. Jang Hyuk is definitely a name that isn’t hard to remember on the shores of his home country.

Since the beginning of his career in 1997, the South Korean actor has acted in well over 40 movies and TV series in total. His most successful projects include Volcano High (2001), Windstruck (2004), Slave Hunters (2010), Fated to Love You (2014), and Money Flower (2017).

Who is Jang Hyuk?

Jung Yong-Joon was born on December 20, 1976, in Busan, South Korea, and grew up with an interest in the world of entertainment. He made his acting debut in 1997, when he was just 10 years old, in the South Korean television drama Model. The actor, who pursued his career under the name of Jang Hyuk, appeared in several other projects in the late 1990s, including the teenager series School and the film Zzang. In 1999, Hyuk starred in his first music video. It was for the song “To Mother”, a popular South Korean song by the pop boy band Groove Over Dose (g.o.d.).

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In 2000, the budding entertainer tried his hand at a rap career. Under the stage name “TJ” he shot several music videos in preparation for his debut album “TJ Project”, which he released the same year.

Jang Hyuk’s name finally began to come into the limelight after he was cast in the lead role of the martial arts action comedy Volcano High in 2001. His performance in the movie was praised by critics and fans alike.

He didn’t let the momentum he had built with Volcano High die. He subsequently appeared in a number of successful projects such as Jungle Juice and the television drama Success Story of a Bright Girl. His role in the Public Toilet of 2002 also received special mentions at A-list events such as the 2002 Venice Film Festival.

In an effort to keep up with the upward trend of his career, the actor pulled some strings to avoid his military service. However, after a severe public condemnation, he apologized publicly and signed up for his service.

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After finishing his military service in 2006 Jang Hyuk appeared again in the drama series Thank You. His first international film collaboration came in 2008 with the film Dance of the Dragon. At the West Hollywood International Film Festival, Jang received the Best Actor Award for his role in this film. He also had a short performance in another international project, the Japanese drama Ryokiteki na Kanojo. The project was an adaptation of an earlier Korean film My Sassy Girl.

In 2010, Jang Hyuk was an undisputed celebrity actor in his home country and in much of Asia. He received a flood of praise and positive reviews for his involvement in The Slave Hunters 2010, and both critics and mentors, including his 14-year-old acting coach, praised the actor’s ability to critically analyze each character he is asked to portray.

At the KBS Drama Awards, the acting star received many awards and nominations at the 2011 International Emmy Awards, including a nomination for Best Actor and the Grand Prize (Daesang).

Since 2013 Hyuk has performed in several Korean variety shows, including Real Men (2013), The Friends in Croatia (2015), and Dragon Club – Childish Bromance (2017). He has also personally written a number of essays in which he describes his life experiences. The collection was compiled into a book and published on 6 August 2013 under the title Jang Hyuk, Hot-Blooded Man.

The South Korean entertainer has received more than 35 nominations and awards for his works since 2010. By 2018, Jang has received over 20 awards at various awards ceremonies such as the KBS Drama Awards, MBC Drama Awards, APAN Star Awards, SBS Drama Awards, International Emmy Awards, and the Korean Film Shining Star Awards.

Who is Kim Yeo-jin? Wife, Family, Kids

Who is Jang Hyuk’s Wife, Kim Yeo-jin, Kids, Family?
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In 2002, when Jang was still relatively unknown, he met Kim Yeo-jin. At that time, Kim was his fitness trainer at a gym where the actor was training. In the same year, they started dating and six years later, in 2008, they were officially married. He had some close celebrity friends who attended the wedding ceremony.

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The couple’s union produced three lovely children. The first was born in February 2008, and the other two followed in November 2009 and April 2015.