Verne Troyer Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Parents, Height, Age, Cause Of Death

Verne Troyer Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Parents, Height, Age, Cause Of Death

Verne Troyer was a versatile comedian, stuntman, and actor. He was widely known for his role in the Austin Powers film series as “Mini-Me”, a clone of the film’s villain – Dr. Evil. His career began when he worked as a stunt double on Baby’s Day Out. From then on, Verne’s roles expanded to include Jingle All The Way, My Giant, and Dunston: Checks In, and Men In Black.

Verne Troyer Bio (Age)

He was born on January 1, 1969, in Sturgis, Michigan, USA, as a child of Amish parents with a cartilage-hair hypoplasia disorder that caused his dwarfism.

He had a very supportive family as his parents and his two siblings never saw his size as an obstacle. For his high school education, he attended Centreville High School in Michigan where he was elected Homecoming King.

Verne Troyer began his career as an actor in 1993 after moving to Arlington, Texas with friends. He was working for Sprint in the customer service department when a befriended former president of Little People of America put him in touch with some movie producers who were looking for a man of a certain height to be a stunt double for a 9-month-old baby in the movie Baby’s Day Out (1994).

Verne Troyer – Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Parents, Height, Age, Cause Of Death
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Verne Troyer, who never took acting lessons, was offered the job within two days. What changed Troyer’s acting career forever was his role as Mini-Me in the series Austin Powers. In the film directed by Jay Roach, Mike Myers also starred in the lead role, playing the dual role of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil.

Mike Myers and Verne Troyer played together again in 2008 in the film The Love Guru. For their outstanding characters, they were both nominated for and won the MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo.

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The actor played in other films such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2000) as Griphook the Goblin. He also played the role of Percy in The Imaginarium of Parnassus (2009).

He also appeared in several reality TV shows, including The Surreal Life (2005), Welcome to Sweden (2007), and the 6th series of the British celebrity Big Brother (2009). During his career, Verne Troyer has been nominated for four awards, two of which he won.

Verne Troyer Parents

His father, Reuben Troyer, was a repair technician, while his mother, Susan Troyer, was a factory worker. The couple had three children and lived in Sturgis, Michigan, United States.

They were once Amish and raised their children as Amish until they left the faith when Verne was a child. The actor spent most of his childhood visiting Amish relatives in Centreville, Michigan.

Wife, Girlfriends, and Kids

On 22 February 2004 Verne Troyer married Genevieve Gallen, a model. However, on the following day, he applied for annulment of the marriage on the grounds that she had lied about her financial gain.

Since then Verne Troyer has been known to make headlines with his romantic partners. In 2008, his ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider made a private sex video of herself and the actor at home for the public. The video was available on several websites, including TMZ, and so the video became a mass medium.

Verne Troyer – Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Parents, Height, Age, Cause Of Death
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Troyer and his lawyer, Ed McPherson, sued the prominent news site TMZ for $20 million for the invasion of privacy and copyright.

He later dated Brittney Powell from 2007 to 2018, and although Britney had a son, it was reported that Verne Troyer never had a child of her own.

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Height – How Tall Was Verne Troyer? 

When he was alive, Verne Troyer was one of the smallest men in the world. His height was reported to be 2 feet and 8 inches. His weight was stated as 16 kg (35 lb) – which is why he could easily be a stunt double for a baby in Baby’s Day Out.

Cause of Death

Troyer died on April 21, 2018, at the age of 49 years in his Hollywood home in Los Angeles, California, United States. The news was announced by his spokesman, who confirmed his death with a statement on Facebook.

The cause of his death was initially not disclosed, but it was later confirmed that he died of alcohol poisoning. Troyer suffered from depression and fought it until his death.