Who Is Daniella Chavez and What Is Her Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo

Who Is Daniella Chavez and What Is Her Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo

Daniella Chavez is one of those who have become popular because she has a tinted hourglass body and knows how to show it off with racy photos and videos on social media.

She first became famous as a Playboy model when she was 24 years old. Chávez’s fame then skyrocketed after she revealed her sexual encounter with Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo herself is incredibly popular, and when Daniella Chavez made the world believe she was Ronaldo’s lover, many CR7 fans immediately showed interest in her. Her Instagram followers? 8.4 million and counting.

According to sources, her affair with the Portuguese striker was one of the reasons why Ronaldo’s relationship with his long-time admirer, supermodel Irina Shayk, broke up.

Who Is Daniella Chavez?

A trip to her Instagram page clearly shows what kind of person Daniela Chávez is. We would define her as a nude model who takes great pleasure in showing off her curves to the world. She comes from Las Condes, Chile, and was born on October 26, 1985.

Who Is Daniella Chavez and What Is Her Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo
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Unusual for people in Daniella Chavez’s league is that information about her family life is unknown to the media. It is not clear when and how Chavez decided to take off her clothes for the cameras. However, it is known that one of her earliest celebrity platforms was Playboy, the Chilean version of Playboy. By the age of 24, in 2009, she had become a well-known Playboy model in Chile. In 2014, Chavez was named Mexican Christmas Playgirl of the Month.

Girls who work in this industry are known for loving the drama they do to get attention in their own way, and Chavez is no different. In March 2015 she took part in an annual beauty contest in Chile called Queen Vina del Mar. She became furious after finishing third behind the then 27-year-old Jhendelyn Nunez, who won the competition, and 51-year-old Katherine Salosny.

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When he heard the announcement, Chávez stormed off the stage saying, “Bye, Vina del Mar, it was a beautiful experience”.

After the competition, a speaker commented on Chávez’s reaction, saying it was perfectly understandable, as the woman who came in second was old enough to be her mother. The speaker went on to say that the positions would contribute little or nothing to Chávez’s career.

In response to the results of the beauty contest, Chávez put up a racy photo of himself in the shower. She titled it “Ha-ha, I’m taking a shower. I’m a Playboy girl and I love it.”

In less than a month, in April 2015, Daniella made the news again after reporting to the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine that she had given her boyfriend a threesome for his birthday after two days of unsuccessfully searching malls looking for a special gift for him.

Chávez revealed that the idea of the threesome was not really hers, but that of a friend who asked her to suggest the perfect birthday present. The girlfriend would later offer herself as the third person in the steamy act. Chávez concluded by remarking to the magazine that the threesome was fantastic and that she would like to do it again.

Daniella Chávez not only poses naked for the cameras but is also a huge football fan. She even plays video games, as can be seen in the photos she has pasted on the gram.

Her Relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

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Since her allegations that she slept with Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Real Madrid has never commented. So it remains just a one-sided story, which many people conclude is a cock and bull and Chávez’s way of attracting media attention.

Chávez had told Mexican tabloid Reforma that she met Ronaldo in November 2014 in the US after a period of communicating via email and Skype. She revealed that Ronaldo was shy at her first meeting but later built up his self-confidence.

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Chavez said the things Ronaldo loved about her body were her face and breasts, and that Ronaldo became even more interested in her after he learned she was a Playboy model because he had never been sexually involved with one before.

Chávez’s claims seemed credible after Ronaldo broke up with his 5-year-old girlfriend, Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

In an interview with Spanish magazine Shayk, Hola hinted that the reason for her break-up with the footballer was Ronaldo’s infidelity. “… You have to be faithful to your other half and you can’t keep secrets,” the inconsolable Russian model said when publishing her relationship rules. Shayk continued with Hollywood star Bradley Cooper.

Whether Daniella Chavez really became sexually intimate with Cristiano Ronaldo remains a mystery that time would certainly unravel. At the time of writing this article, Ronaldo is engaged to Georgina Rodriguez.