Who is Annie Lennox Husband? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Who is Annie Lennox Husband? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

It goes without saying that it makes you strong to be loved by someone, while it gives you the courage to love someone. The famous Scottish singer and songwriter Annie Lennox must have had a fair share of love in her life as she was married not once or twice but three times. The singer/songwriter best known as Annie Lennox is a stylish and innovative musician whose hits such as Why, Sweet Dreams, and Who’s That Girl? have helped her gain a big place in the entertainment world.

Ann was born on December 25, 1954, in the great city of Aberdeen and entered the music world as a child in the 1970s after enrolling at the Royal Academy of Music in London where she studied piano, flute, and harpsichord. To this day she has remained spectacular in the music world and has received numerous awards, including four Grammy Awards and eight Brit Awards, more than any other artist in the world. No wonder she was named “Brits Champion of Champions” and ranks 93rd in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the top 100 singers of all time.

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The daughter of Dorothy and Thomas Allison Lennox, Annie is not only celebrated as a singer for more than four decades but also as a renowned political activist, philanthropist, and iconic symbol of lasting excellence. With over 80 million records sold, Anny has continued to be involved with charitable causes, which has earned her several prestigious awards. For example, she has supported Amnesty International and Greenpeace for many years, and together with English singer and guitarist Dave Stewart, she donated all the proceeds from the Eurythmics’ Peacetour 1999 to both charities.

Who is Annie Lennox Husband? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
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Who is Annie Lennox Husband?

Annie Lennox first married the German Hare Krishna devotee Radha Raman at the age of thirty, but for some reason, the singer has not yet revealed, her first marriage lasted only one year (1984-1985). For the lady with the most beautiful voice, however, it was not difficult to get involved in a new relationship. This time it was with Uri Fruchtmann, an Israeli film and record producer.

Fruchtmann, who seems to be a year younger than Annie, is also quite popular. He is co-founder of Fragile Films, an independent film production company based in the UK, and is not the managing director of a television and film production company, Ealing Studios. The two lived together for over a decade after they married in 1988 and separated in 2000. Before their separation, they had two lovely daughters – Lola, who is now a beautiful singer and songwriter like her mother, and Tali Lennox, who is involved in acting and modeling. Their son Daniel was born dead in 1988.

Lennox entered into her third marriage on September 15, 2012, with the South African gynecologist, doctor, and a leading leader of an HIV charity, Mitch Besser. The wedding ceremony was held privately in London in the presence of guests including actor Colin Firth and comedian Ruby Wax.

Lennox met Mitch Besser when she traveled to South Africa to visit Mothers2Mothers. Mothers2Mothers is a non-profit organization that Besser founded in 2001 to help in the fight against HIV transmission from mothers to their unborn children. Lennox subsequently became one of the supporters of the organization. Besser was then married to his twenty-eight-year-old wife Debra and blessed with two teenage sons.

Who is Annie Lennox Husband? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
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Debra later filed for divorce after finding pictures of her husband holding hands with Lennox. A secret wedding followed shortly after Besser’s divorce. They agreed to a private boat wedding on the Thames in honor of Besser’s ex-wife and children.

Before her marriage to their newfound love, there were rumors of a relationship with Dave Stewart, a guitarist she met in the 1980s when she was the lead singer of a British pop band, The Tourists. Together they founded Eurythmics, which achieved five top 20 hits in a short period of time, including the No. 1 hit “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”. The rumor turned out to be false, as Annie later married without even inviting him. Annie and her new lover still live happily together.

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Here are Other Facts About Annie Lennox

Annie’s music career began in 1976 as a flutist for a band called Dragon’s Playground. Shortly afterward she joined another group called The Tourists, where she also met David Stewart.

She played the lead role in a film version of Herold Pinter’s play The Room, directed by Robert Altman in 1987.

Annie Lennox’s debut album Diva with the single Walking on Broken Glass was released in 1992. Her second album Medusa, which reached number 1 on the British album charts, was released three years later.

Net Worth

Annie Lennox has an estimated net worth of $60 million, which she has earned over the long years of her dedicated music career in conjunction with other business deals and sponsorship agreements.

In January 2011 Annie Lennox was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her years of service to charity.