Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends

Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends

In addition to her unique skills as a producer, actress, and fashion model, Sharon Stone has captivating beauty which makes the men around her irresistible. She began her acting career as a sex symbol in the movies, and even as she grew older, she never stopped being sexy.

The multiple award-winning actresses, who are now one of the most sought-after actresses in the film industry, is a woman who has had her fair share of men in life. The experience the ex-model must have gained from her never-ending list of relationships could well qualify her for a job as a relationship consultant on any relationship show.

Here and now we would take a look at Sharon Stone’s love life, the men she has dated, the men she married, and the men she is currently dating.

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Sharon Stone Biography

She was born Sharon Yvonne Stone, the second of four children of factory worker Joseph William Stone II and his wife Dorothy Stone, on 10 March 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Her siblings are Kelly Stone, Mike Stone, and Patrick Stone.

Growing up, Sharon Stone was an avid reader and had an IQ of 154. Her passion for acting began at a young age, then she exhibited plays in the family garage and entertained the neighbors.

She attended and graduated from Saegertown High School in Saegertown, Pennsylvania. She won a writing scholarship to study at the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, majoring in creative writing and fine arts. It was at this university that she entered a competition for the first time and emerged as the winner of the Pennsylvania beauty pageant.

Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends
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Sharon Stone Career History

Sharon dropped out of school in 1977 to pursue a career as a model. She signed with the Ford agency and moved to New York. She started with a high tone and was one of the best models at the agency at that time. But her modeling career soon collapsed after she injured herself while riding and left a scar on her neck.

The injury on her neck, which led to her being kicked out of her modeling agency, made her feel the need for a career change. What could be better than acting, something she enjoyed doing when she was much younger.

Her acting career then began when she was cast for Stardust Memories in 1980, but it didn’t bring her the recognition she wanted because it was hardly a start.

Although she took part in a number of movies in the ’80s, she didn’t quite reach the level that would make her a star. She continued until ten years after her film debut to get the recognition she longed for so much. Stone was 32 years old when she starred alongside former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall as Lori Quaid, the wife of the legendary actor’s character. This role gave her a big boost, helped her career, and also gave her other leading roles in future movies.

In the same year, she posed nude for Playboy magazine with the aim of promoting the film. But her photoshoot didn’t go unnoticed either; it earned her a place on the list of the Top 25 sexiest stars of the century published by Playboy magazine.

Her pose in Adult Magazine also showed budding film directors that Stone was not afraid to show her well-equipped body to the world, and it helped her get the lead role in the blockbuster movie Basic Instinct. The film had a high degree of nudity, and Stone initially claimed that she was unaware of the extent of nudity in the film. Since then, she has played lead and supporting roles in films both large and small.

Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends

So many initially questioned the sexuality of the leading actress, as she played the role of a bisexual serial killer in Basic Instinct. But further investigation of her private life led many to the conclusion that she was based precisely on the fact that she only dated and married the opposite sex. Among the many men with whom she has something in common are one or two;

Michael Greenburg and Sharon Stone

Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends
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Sharon’s first attempt to enter into a serious relationship was with Michael Greenburg. Unfortunately, it became one of her most failed marriages. Sharon met Greenburg in 1984 when she starred in one of his films The Vegas Strip War. They met and married the same year, but their marriage only lasted three years. Before their separation, Greenburg worked as a line producer for Sharon in 1986 in the American comedy-drama Allan Quaterma The Lost City of Gold. Their marriage was officially dissolved in 1990.

Hart Bochner

It seemed that Sharon was sharing romantic moments with Hart Bochner, a Canadian actor, and producer she met while shooting a short TV series “War and Memory” in 1988. At that time she was about thirty years old and still married to Michael Greenburg. The two separated, however, after Bochner called her “the Antichrist” on numerous occasions.

Johnathon Schaech

Both movie stars are long ago and the affair was so short that both could hardly remember their relationship. Schaech also had his share of failed marriages, he was in as many failed marriages as Stone, but he differs in that he is in his third marriage.

Steve Bing

Sharon dated the American businessman and film producer already in the early 90s. Their affair was a secret.

Bill Clinton

It was rumored that the star actress had an affair with Bill Clinton, the former president of America. The first report about the said affair dates back to 1992, followed by a report in late 1995 when Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary asked for an assistant to the President after she received the information that Sharon would be a star guest at a Clinton fundraiser dinner. Ironically, Sharon still managed to get Clinton’s side at the event.

Paul Verhoeven

Sharon Stone dated the director of the movie Total Recall, who made her a star. The pair date back to 1992 and he has also directed other first-rate movies such as RoboCop, Showgirls, Basic Instinct, starring Stone, Starship Troopers, and many others.

William J. MacDonald

Sharon Stone and MacDonald had their time together and spent two years together between 1992 and 1994. They got engaged in 1993, but the engagement was dissolved a year later. Stone returned her engagement ring to MacDonald via FedEx.

Sharon Stone and Bob Wagner 

Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends
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Bob Wagner, retired American football coach, was with the star actress between 1994 and 1995. During this time, Bob Wagner was the head coach of the University of Hawaii football team. He left the job the same year he and Stone separated.

Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein

Who Has Sharon Stone Dated? Here’s The List of Her Ex-Husbands & Boyfriends
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The second failed marriage of Sharon Stone was with Phil Bronstein. Like her first marriage, her second one with the American actor and journalist didn’t last long, they stayed married from 1998 to 2004 and adopted a son, Roan.

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Bronstein has gone through a series of failed marriages on his own path. He has been married four times in a row, Sharon being his first.

It was the investigative journalist who filed for divorce in 2003, which was finalized in 2004. Phil won the battle for custody to keep her adopted child Roan Bronstein. Stone could only be satisfied with visitation rights.

Craig Ferguson

After her divorce from Phil Bronstein, she was with TV host Craig Ferguson between 2005 and 2006. Like Stone, Craig Ferguson was also in two previously failed marriages. But unlike Stone, Craig is in his third marriage.

Rick Fox

Rick Fox is a retired basketball player, businessman, and actor. He is said to have dated the actress between 2006 and 2007.

Martin Mica and Sharon Stone

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Martin Mica is an Argentinean model. The two began to meet when they first met at a Vogue Brasil party in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Martin Mica was much younger than the American actress, but the couple claimed that their separation was not due to their age difference.

David Deluise

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Both film stars were seen for quite a while between 2014 and 2016. The couple was seen on several occasions closing their lips in public.

Angelo Boffa

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Angelo Boffa is the current friend of the star of Basic Instinct. Both have a big age difference between them but are not afraid to make their relationship public. He is an Italian real estate entrepreneur and actor. In the first months of 2018, Sharon was spotted in Miami with a diamond ring on her finger, and although she has not yet commented, it is believed that Boffa must have proposed to her. In addition to her adopted son with Bronstein, Stone has also adopted two boys – Laird Vonne and Quinn Kelly Stone.