Wes Wilcox Bio, Wife, Family, And Other Facts You Need To Know

Wes Wilcox Bio, Wife, Family, And Other Facts You Need To Know

In a sport as glamorous as basketball in the United States, the success of a team is not only based on the backs of the two-meter giants who sweat on the court every night. Even though they play the most exciting role in the sport, there are those whose responsibilities fall into the less sexy categories of administration and coaching. One such person is Wes Wilcox, the current special advisor to the Atlanta Hawks.

Wes’ may not be a household name among fans of the sport, but among those whose job it is to run a team, Wes’s talents and pedigree are remarkable, as his resume shows with over 3 NBA franchises operating in various roles. If you want to learn more about the Atlanta Hawks advisor, read on below.

Wes Wilcox Bio

As a man behind the scenes, you don’t know much about the background of Wes Wilcox. We don’t know where he was born, but we do know that he grew up in La Habra, California.

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Having developed a deep interest in basketball very early in his life, Wes, unlike other young men his age who fell in love with a sport, tried to become a basketball coach. It was a passion that made him become a player first, to understand what goes through the mind of the player on the court, to feel what it’s like when hundreds of people scream for you or at you.

Wes Wilcox Bio, Wife, Family, And Other Facts You Need To Know
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Wes joined the basketball team at his high school, St. Paul High School, and although he didn’t have the best physical appearance or the best skills of the top class, he helped his school win a championship in 1997. His little whirlwind romance as an active player even gave him the opportunity to play for Whittier College.

He was, however, a man with only one interest. To become a basketball coach, he decided to retire early and continue his coaching career. He attended a coaching clinic at UCLA and spent his college years as a coach at his former high school, St. Paul, and Orange High School. His desire to meet various business professionals and network with other aspiring and established coaches led him from Whittier College to Purdue University, then from Cal Poly Pomona to Cal State Fullerton, where he graduated college.

In 2000, Wes was appointed manager of the Fullerton men’s basketball team. He worked at Fullerton for a year under the team’s coach, Donny Daniels, where he learned how a basketball program works and gained practical experience for his future career.

After a year with Fullerton, Wes was able to secure his first NBA role as an intern for the scouting/video department of the Miami Heat. He spent a year in Miami before the recognition of his skills and talent led him to New Orleans, where he became the team’s video coordinator from 2002-2003.

Wes Wilcox – Bio, Wife, Family, And Other Facts You Need To Know
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Wilcox’s rise in the league continued after his time in New Orleans. He moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he served in various capacities for eight years from 2003 to 2010. He started with the Cleveland Cavaliers as an Advance Scout and ended his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers as Director of Player Personnel. On his way with the team, he went through roles as a college scout and assistant coach.

After 8 years with the Cavaliers, Wes was appointed Deputy General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks. A position he held from 2012 to 2015.

Wes’s dream of becoming a basketball administrator came true on June 30, 2015, when he was named General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks. He spent two years as General Manager before assuming his current position as Special Advisor to the Hawks. He assumed this position on May 5, 2017.

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Wife, Family

Not much is known about Wes Wilcox’s family, but we do know that the Atlanta Hawks’ special advisor is married and has three children. Wes is married to Larisha Wilcox and the couple has three children, Jaleah Wilcox, the only daughter, and two sons, Jonah and Noah Wilcox. Wes Wilcox’s wife, Larisha, is African American.

Wes Wilcox – Other Facts

Before he got his chance in the NBA, Wes Wilcox had trained and managed two teams – St Paul High School and Orange High School.

While with the Cavaliers, he became the first general manager of the club’s NBA Development League team, the Canton Charge

Wes Wilcox had a short career as a player in high school before continuing his coaching career. He helped his high school team win a championship and was offered a scholarship to Whittier College. However, he decided to turn it down.