Trea Turner Wiki, Stats, Age and Other Facts You Need To Know

Trea Turner Wiki, Stats, Age and Other Facts You Need To Know

The Washington Nationals player, Trea Turner, who plays in the shortstop position, is an outstanding talent on and off the field and is certainly destined for the Hall of Fame.

Turner, who won the 2014 Brooks Wallace Award for Best College Baseball Shortstop of the Year, was selected by the San Diego Padres as a first-round draft candidate.

Trea Turner Biography

Trea Turner was born in Lake Worth, Florida on June 30, 1993, the daughter of Mark and Donna Turner. He grew up in the same area and attended Park Vista Community High School, where he began to fall in love with baseball by playing for his school’s baseball team.

Because of his skills, Turner attracted the attention of a number of college programs and professional teams. In fact, he was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2011 MLB Draft with the 602nd overall selection in the 20th round of the 2011 MLB Draft. However, he chose to attend college instead and decided to take a baseball scholarship to North Carolina State University.

Trea Turner Wiki, Stats, Age and Other Facts You Need To Know
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As a freshman at college, Turner played as third baseman and left his preferred shortstop position. This had no effect on his performance, as he recorded more steals than any of the 158 teams in Division I. He also set a record at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and was voted All-Tournament Team for the 2012 ACC tournament.

In his second year, he returned to the shortstop position where he continued the outstanding performances that earned him a finalist spot for the Brooks Wallace Award. In addition, the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association and Baseball America named him a member of the ACC first team and the All-American third team.

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As a junior, Trea Turner eventually won the Brooks Wallace Award. After this season he decided to go pro and was selected by the San Diego Padres to be the 13th overall winner in the MLB Draft 2014.

Although he performed impressively in the few games he played after his debut, the Padres agreed to trade him to the Washington Nationals after only a few months on their roster.

Turner remained with the Padres until 2015 when he switched to the Nationals. After playing a few games in the Class AA Eastern League and Class AAA International League, he represented them at the 2015 All-Star Futures Game, making his Major League debut on August 21, 2015, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Trea Turner’s Stats

In his first year in college, Turner had a batting average of 0.336, a percentage of 0.432 on base, while he registered 57 stolen bases and was only caught stealing four times. In his sophomore year, he had a batting average of 0.378 on seven home runs, 41 hit runs, and 27 stolen bases. In 2014, his batting average as a junior was 0.321, with eight home runs and 26 stolen bases.

In his career to date, he has played 262 games, with an average batting average of 0.292, a base hit percentage of 0.346, 111 hit runs, and 99 stolen bases.

Other Facts You Need To Know

Trea Turner is not his parents’ only child. He has an older sister named Teal

After high school, Turner had the opportunity to attend Florida Atlantic University after receiving a scholarship from the school. Finally, he decided to go to North Carolina State University, where he met his future fiancée.

Trea Turner Wiki, Stats, Age and Other Facts You Need To Know
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In June 2017 Trea Turner became engaged to his long-time girlfriend Kristen Harabedian. The couple met while studying at North Carolina State University. Kristen, who was a gymnast during her school years, graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Although she worked as Camp Counsel in college, she has since moved on to become a General Counsel Business Analyst at Credit Suisse.

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Turner’s preferred position is Shortstop. However, he has been used as a starting center fielder by the Nationals in the past and has also played as a third baseman in college.

He is one of the fastest runners in Major League Baseball. He has twice reached a speed of 22.7 miles per hour (36.5 km/h) in the past.

Turner set a record of 57 thefts in his freshman year at North Carolina State University. This number was also higher than the total of 158 Division I teams.