Levi Miller Bio, Age, Height And Family Life Of The Australian Actor

Levi Miller Bio, Age, Height And Family Life Of The Australian Actor

Levi Miller, like many other prominent teenagers, is one of the most googled child stars in the world. He stands out as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated personalities who brought so much joy and respect to their families from a very young age.

Miller had a humble beginning and eventually became a small star at the age of 5 when he entered a drama competition with a Peter Pan monologue and emerged as the winner. Professionally he started his acting career in 2010 with the film Akiva as Lavi. Directed by Katrina Irawati and produced by Eliot Rifkin, the film gave Levi the opportunity to share his screen time with Hollywood stars like David Clendenning (Akiva), Emma Dindas (Sara), Dylan Fortunaso (Szymon), Kaya Genc (Jozef) and others.

After his brilliant performance in Akiva, the high-flyer received further appearances as an actor. His notable projects in the film industry include Great Adventures (2012), A Heartbeat Away (2011), and the universally acclaimed psychological horror film Better Watch Out (2015) on the theme of Christmas.

His television contributions include the Fox series Terra Nova (2011) and Supergirl (2015). Levi Miller was cast in the former as General Philbrick, while in the latter he was cast as Gartel Grant. The prominent teenager currently plays a supporting role in the American fantasy film – A Wrinkle in Time.

Levi Miller Bio, Age, Height And Family Life Of The Australian Actor
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Of all his projects in Hollywood, he is best known for his impressive portrayal of the character Peter Pan in 2015 widely acclaimed film – Pan. The Australian actor owes his appearance in the 2015 film to the fame and popularity he enjoys today.

In addition to providing him with the platform to act alongside Hollywood elites such as Garrett Hedlund, Hugh Jackman, and Rooney Mara, the film made him a superhero overnight and attracted an overwhelming number of supporters and admirers. Here you can find out who the young star is, his age, his height, and of course his family life. Read on.

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Levi Miller Bio, Age

The dashing young actor was born on 30 September 2002 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, as Levi Zane Miller. His mother, Meg, divorced his father shortly after his birth. This led to his mother raising him and his siblings alone.

Growing up without a father figure, Miller’s childhood was not a very pleasant one, but he continued with the help of his sisters and his mother, who reportedly quit her job at a care center to fully support his son’s still young career.

Levi Miller has two older sisters, Tiarnee Miller and Brittany Miller. The first is an aspiring artist, while the second currently lives in London with her boyfriend. Despite Miller’s glittering lifestyle, he is very modest and respectful. Sometime in 2015, he was unveiled as an ambassador for polo Ralph Lauren Childrenswear. He also appeared as Charlie Bucktin in the film adaptation of the Australian novel Jasper Jones.

Before his fame, Levi was an avid model. He developed a fondness for modeling after watching his sisters doing photo shoots for various fashion magazines. It was his mother who took him to his first casting in her hometown. In the long run, Levi impressed several brands and had so many appearances as a model, including in commercials.

Levi Miller Bio, Age, Height And Family Life Of The Australian Actor
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The Australian actor is trained in a prominent educational institution in his hometown. According to various reports, he is coping very well with both his training and his career. Although he is not usually in class regularly due to the nature of his career, he reportedly sends his projects and homework to his teachers by email.

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Levi Miller’s Height and Weight

The Pan actor is still growing and has many years ahead of him to become bigger and bigger than he is now. He stands at a height of 1.75 meters, while his weight is estimated at 55 kg.

Family Life of the Australian Actor

Levi Miller is considered very young to get married. He is still in his early teenage years and still has a lot to do. The former child actor is neither an open relationship nor has he dated a girl in the past. He seems to be very focused on his fast-growing career and doesn’t want to be distracted in any way.