Kaili Thorne Biography, Siblings and Parents of The Actress

Kaili Thorne Biography, Siblings and Parents of The Actress

The siblings of the superstars somehow have the reputation of living in the shadow of their famous family members. However, a few chosen ones have made a name for themselves in their chosen environment and, interestingly enough, are doing very well, although not on the same podium as their siblings. For example, we have Queen Bey’s sister, Solange Knowles, who also dominates the celebrity scene, but first as the younger sister of Beyonce before any other titles that might include an experimental R&B singer. Here is another celebrity on the list: Kaili Thorne. Although an actress and model herself, she is more prominent than the big sister of former Disney star, Big Love and Famous in Love actress Bella Thorne.

Kaili Thorne Biography

The older Thorne was born as Kaili Elizabeth Thorne on February 19, 1992, in Florida, USA. Her first name, which is pronounced and can also be spelled, Kylie, is of Hawaiian origin and means “Whisper of the Ocean”. As a child, Kaila lived with her mother in Hawaii and then moved to her father and half-brothers and sisters in Miami when she was a teenager.

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As a teenager, she was always interested in becoming an actress and later studied acting in New York. Since then she has acted professionally and has appeared in episodes of such works as CSI: Miami, The O.C., Demons, Lincoln Heights, Viola: The Wandering Rooms of a Little Giant, Blind Ambition, Night and Day, Chillerama, Ice Scream. Her favorite actors include Kevin Spacey and Edward Norton.

Kaili Thorne Biography, Siblings and Parents of The Actress
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Unlike her younger sister Bella, Kaili Thorne has not yet achieved the same famous status. However, she seems to feel comfortable following in her sister’s footsteps. But that wouldn’t last very long, since she is already building her own empire in the modeling scene.

Even though she is gaining ground as an actress, she is probably more known for her work as a model. Her reports on social media are flooded with her in striking poses. She also became the new face of the 138 Water brand. The brand is co-founded by rapper Tyga and boasts a host of racy models who pose for her ads.

Family – Parents, Siblings

Kaili Thorne is the first child of Delancey Reinaldo “Rey” Thorne with an unknown mother. As mentioned above, she lived with her biological mother in Hawaii until her early teenage years. However, she would move in with her Cuban father and Cuban stepmother Tamara Thorne (Beckett), who is of Irish, Italian, English, German and Welsh descent. She shared her father with three half-siblings: Danielle “Dani” Thorne (January 19, 1993), Bella Thorne (October 8, 1997), and brother Remington “Remy” Hunter Thorne (December 22, 1995).

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The Thorne children share a beautiful dream of building a successful empire in acting and modeling. The pack immersed themselves in the world of showbiz when they were still tender and seemed to make their dream come true. Dani and Bella are both actresses, while Remy is an MMA fighter, although he has appeared in several commercials and television series.

Kaili Thorne Biography, Siblings and Parents of The Actress
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Their father Rey (February 28, 1963 – April 25, 2007) died in a motorcycle accident, while Tamara (born in August 1957) is an accomplished writer, well established, and well versed in the horror genre. She has always been there for her family and deserved praise from her children, including Kaili, who praised her for her strength and dedication in keeping her straight and leading her on the right path even as a single mother. Tamara, also known by her pseudonym Chris Curry, has written a number of bestsellers, including Winter Scream, Sorority, The Ghosts of Ravencrest, Bad Things, Moon Fall and Thunder Road.

Dani Thorne has starred in numerous films, including an episode of Hannah Montana, and is also a fashion designer. Like other family members, she is involved in philanthropy and supports charities such as Nomad, UNICEF, and World Vision. She also loves animals. Remy has been on the silver screen since before his first birthday. He started his career as a model at the age of 8 months and has since appeared in commercials and television shows.

In an episode of October Road (2008) he starred together with his sister. The youngest Thorne, Bella, seems to be the most dominant in showbiz. She began her screen career as a child and has appeared in over 20 films and television shows and in more than 60 commercials. She is also a singer, model, and influencer of social media.